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Close up photo of Bremer Embracelet bracelet

The Third Bremer Embracelet

What is a Bremer Em[brace]let? It's a genuine gemstone beaded bracelet crafted to fill the wearer with that warm-fuzzy feeling you get after a hug! A cute and versatile piece of jewelry crafted from natural gemstones to bring a smile to your face and a difference to the community! Our first Bremer Embracelet was born out of the Bremer family's desire to make a difference while sheltering in place... a fundraiser for the local Midwest Food Bank chapters.

Bremer Embracelet in gift box

It worked so well at raising much needed funds, we decided to do it again. After being cooped up for so long, it's time to celebrate the joy of the outdoors! This July marks the 35th anniversary of National Parks and Recreation Month, so who better to partner with than the Peoria Park District. Did you know that the PPD has been around over 125 years and is responsible for maintaining COUNTLESS outdoor activity sites? Just check it out below!

Peoria Park District info graphic

Now more than ever, the Peoria Park District needs your help to offset the impact that COVID-19 has had on all of us. Proceeds from all purchases will go to support the Peoria Park District’s spaces and places that have provided support and inspiration to so many during the COVID-19 crisis. If you would like more information on the Peoria Park District Foundation, please visit us at: https://peoriaparks.org/about/foundation/

Bremer Embracelet

When you purchase your bracelet, you will have the option of picking it up at the Noble Center, or having it shipped to you (or a loved one) for a small charge. Purchase a bracelet for $40, and $20 will go directly to the Park District Foundation. The Em[brace]let is a stretchy design, so it will fit wrists of all sizes! Buy one, or buy several, as they stack together beautifully.

Photo of person's wrist wearing a Bremer Embracelet

Please note that All the chakra gemstone colors are handpicked so every bracelet will be slightly different creating a bracelet that is as unique as you! This Em[brace]let not only symbolizes the Park District with its beautiful yellow and green chakra stones, but it also features the Fourth/Heart Chakra, which represents love, self-love and healing. Healing is a special gift that nature gives us, as we all have found as we have navigated our way through these extraordinary times. Nature is always there for us, whether it’s in a trail, a park, a forest, or in a garden, welcoming us with open arms. We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate our parks than with this bracelet!