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Ashley's Holiday Lookbook

Ashley's Holiday Lookbook

Ashley is a powerful yet humble woman who can do anything she sets her mind to. Check out our top jewelry picks for her in this gift guide for the 2020 Holiday Season at Bremer Jewelry.

Here at Bremer Jewelry, the holidays are always our favorite time of year. It’s when we have the most jewelry in our cases and the most people in our stores. It’s when we work our hardest and laugh the most. It’s a truly magical time of year for both our Bremer family and Bremer customers.

And there is NO WAY we are going to let 2020 change anything about that magical time of year. Our team is bound and determined to deliver the most meaningful jewelry selection at the best prices alongside unparalleled customer experience. And it starts RIGHT NOW.

This year, it’s all about the ladies. You women have proven yourselves absolute warriors throughout the roller coaster that was 2020. You turned into anything we needed… a teacher, a chef, a doctor, a psychologist, an IT specialist… you took on even more of an emotional and mental load than ever before. You led your family through the year (with or without some scars) and it’s time for your crown (or ring, or necklace, or earrings). So when it came to planning out our holiday campaign, we wanted to honor women with jewelry as a symbol that they are loved, deserving, cherished, and appreciated.

Then, we chose some of the strongest, kindest, most generous, kick booty women we could think of to show off our 2020 Holiday Collection:

Ashley, Jessica, Monica, and Jenny!

Meet Ashley!

Ashley is an incredibly determined and hardworking woman whose light shines so very bright. She’s a powerful yet humble woman who can do anything she sets her mind to. Ashley’s jewelry looks show off her exquisite balance of strength and beauty.

:: Ashley's TRENDY Look ::

This girl can pull off any trend you throw at her. From jumpsuits to joggers and headbands to high-tops, Ashley looks amazing in anything. So, we decked her out in our top five trending yellow gold pieces and now it’s official… none of us can choose a favorite!

We have all the letters in both of our stores, but only a few listed online at the moment. Sold by the pair.

Initial Stud Earrings in Solid Yellow Gold

To The Moon & Back Mini Moon Diamond Necklace in Yellow Gold3D Vertical Bar Necklace in Yellow Gold (engravable on all four sides)

Hearts On Fire Gracious Diamond Band in Yellow Gold

To The Moon & Back Open Space Ring in Yellow Gold

:: Ashley’s ROSY WAVES Look ::

We wanted to show how you can mix not only metal colors, but jewelry style types as well. Take for instance the BRAND NEW Hearts On Fire Tessa necklace. It’s ultra-classic with a just hint of modern flair. We paired it with our ever-popular, star-station necklace full of whimsy for a unique pairing that’s sure to delight. We also paired rose and white gold with two of our newest stacking rings, perfect as the new alternative to a “mother’s ring” (a ring for every kiddo)!

Um hi... you're beautiful.

Hearts On Fire Tessa Diamond Necklace in White GoldTo The Moon & Back Five-Station Star Diamond Necklace in Rose Gold

Power Of One Diamond Bangle Bracelet in Rose Gold

Stackable Diamond Ring in White GoldStackable Diamond Ring in Rose Gold

Can we see those earrings up close?!


Drilled Diamond Marquise Hoop Earrings in Rose Gold

:: Ashley’s CLASSIC EDGE Look ::

What jewelry do you get when you want something classic, but with just a little edge to it? How about ALL. OF. THESE. stunners that Ashley is ROCKING?! Our personal favorite might be that new lariat necklace (it’s just so classy!)… or maybe that double stacked v-ring? We’ll just be over here sipping on that gorgeous pink champagne trying to pick a favorite while you pick yours. And while we’re sippin’, don’t forget about the guys!

Ashley’s husband Hassen is showing off some holiday gift options for our dudes. Lots of times, wives use Christmas or Anniversaries to get their husbands a new wedding band. If that idea isn’t for you, check out our collection of Shinola timepieces (some online, but WAY more in our stores!


I mean, how cute is that bottle?! Shoutout to our phenomenal photographer, Lauren Anderson... we bought it for the shoot because it reminded us of you.

Flexible Diamond Bangle Bracelet in White GoldA. Jaffe Horizontal Marquise Diamond Eternity Band

Center Of My World Double Stacked Diamond Ring in White Gold

Just ONE more angle 'cause we love it so much!

Center Of My World Diamond Lariat Necklace in White Gold

Center Of My World Triple Diamond Hoops in White Gold

Men's Wedding Band Selection (more in stores!)The ring Hassen is wearing was customized for his finger size and millimeter width preferences.

Meet Hassen. He's an incredibly supportive husband, a protective and loving father of two, and a firefighter... rocking one of our beloved Shinola timepieces!

:: Ashley’s SAPPHIRE SUNSET Look ::

After a year like 2020, maybe what you need under the tree is a POP of color! We chose our best-selling blue sapphire pieces and paired them with some serious classics. Notice that Ashley is wearing all three colors of gold in this look: a yellow diamond necklace, a rose gold diamond bracelet, white gold everything else… and it looks fantastic!

Also, if you are looking for an everyday diamond cross necklace this year, look no further than our Hearts On Fire Whimsical Cross which we have in three different sizes ready to wrap and sneak under the tree. It comes on an adjustable chain, so you can layer it with other favorites, just like Ashley stacking it with her Hearts On Fire Fulfillment Necklace in yellow gold.

Oval Sapphire and Diamond Stud Earrings in White Gold

A.Jaffe Horizontal Marquise Diamond Eternity BandOval Sapphire and Diamond Ring in White Gold

Center Of My World Diamond Band in White Gold

Hearts On Fire Fulfillment Diamond Necklace in Yellow GoldHearts On Fire Whimsical Diamond Cross Necklace in White Gold

3.00 ctw Diamond Tennis Bracelet in White GoldPower Of One Diamond Bangle Bracelet in Rose GoldFlexible Diamond Bangle Bracelet in White Gold (coming soon)

:: Ashley's EXTRA Picks ::

There were just too many gorgeous Bremer pieces to choose from! At the end of the day, we snuck these two necklaces on Ashley for a last-minute indulgence. The tried and true interlocking circles necklace from our You + Me Collection

AND our newest regal beauty, an open-pear diamond necklace shown here in rose gold... what do you think?

BONUS: This cardigan is as cozy as it looks!

And that's a wrap on Ashley's lookbook!

This year, remember to THINK INSIDE THE BOX with the family at Bremer Jewelry.

AND PLEASE give a round of applause to all of our local, small business friends who made this all possible!

Photography: Lauren Anderson Photography

Hair, Makeup, and Nails: Corpo Bello Salon & Spa

Cinemaphotography: Green Shoe Creative