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Monica's full look

Monica's Holiday Lookbook

Monica is a powerhouse. Her authentic kindness and quick wit make it easy to become a fast friend, which would explain why she knows everyone in the room!

Here at Bremer Jewelry, the holidays are always our favorite time of year. It’s when we have the most jewelry in our cases and the most people in our stores. It’s when we work our hardest and laugh the most. It’s a truly magical time of year for both our Bremer family and Bremer customers.

And there is NO WAY we are going to let 2020 change anything about that magical time of year. Our team is bound and determined to deliver the most meaningful jewelry selection at the best prices alongside unparalleled customer experience. And it starts RIGHT NOW.

Black background with the text characters of 11.11 as cutouts to show model photography in the negative space

This year, it’s all about the ladies. You women have proven yourselves absolute warriors throughout the roller coaster that was 2020. You turned into anything we needed… a teacher, a chef, a doctor, a psychologist, an IT specialist… you took on even more of an emotional and mental load than ever before. You led your family through the year (with or without some scars) and it’s time for your crown (or ring, or necklace, or earrings). So when it came to planning out our holiday campaign, we wanted to honor women with jewelry as a symbol that they are loved, deserving, cherished, and appreciated.

Then, we chose some of the strongest, kindest, most generous, kick booty women we could think of to show off our 2020 Holiday Collection:Monica, Jenny, Ashley, and Jessica!

Meet Monica!

Monica is a powerhouse. Her authentic kindness and quick wit make it easy to become a fast friend, which would explain why she knows everyone in the room! She’s the kind of woman you see helping her friend move, volunteering at a local charity, entertaining her whole family… all in the same day. Her jewelry looks were designed to make her stand out no matter what she’s wearing, who she’s helping, or where she’s having fun.

:: Monica’s FIRST Look ::

It’s official. Wearing two hoop earrings in the same ear is our favorite trend for 2021. Since the two hoops looked so stunning together, we went ahead and stacked two necklaces and three rings on this striking woman for a daring yet sophisticated collection.

Monica's full look

Close up photo of Monica wearing Medium Pointed Diamond Hoop Earring in Rose Gold and Large Pointed Diamond Hoop Earring in White Gold

Close up photo of Monica wearing Single Drilled Diamond Necklace in Rose Gold By My Side Baguette Diamond Circle Necklace in Rose Gold

Profile photo of Monica wearing her complete jewelry look

Close up photo of Monica's hand wearing Emerald Cut Halo Diamond Cluster Ring in White Gold

Close up photo of Monica's hand wearing Hearts On Fire Bezel Regal Diamond Ring (all three colors)

Photo of Monica resting her hand on the top of her shoe wearing Shinola Birdy in Rose Gold with Navy Strap watch


:: Monica’s SECOND Look ::

You’ve got on your favorite jeans, your power jacket, and heading to dinner. How is a girl to choose the jewels? We had a hard time too, which is why you’ll see a couple pieces we swapped in and out, which goes to show this collection is both versatile and attention-getting.

Monica wearing her full look with power band

Monica wearing Hayley Paige by HOF Harley Wrap Power Band in Platinum

Monica wearing Diamond Studs

Monica wearing Drilled Diamond Open Marquise Shaped Earring in White Gold

Monica wearing Open Pear-Shaped Diamond Necklace in White Gold

Monica wearing A. Jaffe Diamond Eternity Band

Monica wearing multiple A. Jaffe Diamond Eternity Bands

Monica wearing You + Me Plain Necklace in Yellow Gold

Monica wearing diamond stud earrings and pointed hoop earrings

:: Monica’s THIRD Look ::

Remember we talked earlier about putting on your metaphorical crown? We think adorning yourself in just the right pieces of jewelry can feel more powerful than the tallest tiara. This look of Monica's is no exception as it oozes with confidence.

Monica's third look

Zoomed in photo of Monica's thrid look

Monica wearing a multiple bracelets

Monica with her hand up to her ear wearing multiple bracelets, rings, and earrings

Close up photo of Monica's wearing multiple necklaces

:: Monica’s FOURTH Look ::

Perfect for girls night out, Friday date night, shopping with your best friend, brunch with your book club… you name it. Incredibly modern and super satisfying, these pieces may just set your shoulders back and your chin up high!

Monica's fourth look

Monica wearing set of dangling earrings

Monica wearing Hayley Paige by HOF Harley Silhouette Power Band in Yellow Gold


And that's a wrap on Monica's lookbook!

This year, remember to THINK INSIDE THE BOX with the family at Bremer Jewelry.

AND PLEASE give a round of applause to all of our local, small business friends who made this all possible!

Photography: Lauren Anderson Photography

Makeup: Corpo Bello Salon & Spa

Wardrobe: Bello Couture Boutique

Cinemaphotography: Green Shoe Creative