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Shinola Canfield Model C56 43MM Watch

Pickup available at Bloomington store.
Shinola Canfield Model C56 43MM Watch with Blue Dial and British Tan Grizzly Leather Strap. Inspired by Michigan’s mid-century modern marvels, the Canfield Model C’ 56 echoes the striking characteristics of the General Motors Design Dome and the ingenuity of the designers behind it. Assembled in the very same Argonaut Building in Detroit as cars were, gear by gear, from 1928 to 1956, this timepiece represents the intersection of classic, streamlined style and the exploratory era of automotive craft. Bold yet refined, details like its brightly colored bezel and Bourbon Harness leather strap take you on a joy ride while embodying the automotive designer hard at work, hovering over endless iterations of sketches and models. Thoughtfully crafted with an engravable case back, make this timepiece the perfect gift for the design and watch enthusiasts in your life.
SKU: 500-3000287

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