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Dazzling Lab Grown Diamonds


Glittering Opportunities

Here at Bremer Jewelry, we believe our Guests deserve an alternative option to rare and earth mined diamonds. When purchasing a lab grown stone, there are no wrong choices, though, there is often a lack of good information. That’s where we step in. Because lab grown diamonds come in a wide range of options and prices, we’re here to explain the unique characteristics of each stone so you can find the perfect one. Sometimes those special attributes aren’t even included in the diamond’s GIA Report, which is why you need the experts at Bremer to assist you. We’re here to guide you through our extensive selection of lab grown diamonds and make sure you discover the stone that shines for your special moment.

Hand Selected Stones

All our lab grown diamonds are personally selected and come with an independently graded Lab Report. Each stone is chosen for its spectacular shimmer and durability, so it will glimmer beautifully through day-to-day wear. We also ensure our lab grown diamonds do not have an overtone or haze, meaning your stone will sparkle radiantly for years to come.

An Encompassing Selection

Our collection of lab grown diamonds is sweeping, including:

  • Round, oval, pear and other shapes
  • Size ranges from 5/8 carat to 3 carats in stock
  • Color ranges from D to K
  • Clarity SI and up

Shop Lab Grown

Disclaimer: Some lab grown diamonds receive an extra dose of high temperature and high pressure after growing, just as earth mined diamonds would be under extreme heat and pressure in the earth as they grow. Please note, only a certain selection of diamonds specify such treatment on their certificate. Some diamonds may be treated, but this may not be declared on their certificate.