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Your day, your style

Your day, your style

You’re planning your Big Day – where do you start?! With your style, of course.  Your wedding day should be a reflection of who you, your fiance, and your lifestyle. Are you trendsetters always checking out the latest shops and eateries? Are you chillaxed homebodies? Are you city-folk or country-folk? Letting your style dictate your wedding day choices will result in a wedding that will make you feel comfortable and right at home and really, isn’t that what it should feel like?!

Hold the frills and lace, please, for the Modern Bride. 90s sleek chic is your favorite decade in fashion. You prefer timeless elegance over momentary trends and consider yourself a very rational person.

The Dress: Opt for wedding dresses with clean lines and silhouettes (like the A-line or a sheath wedding dress). We also suggest looking for dresses that use sturdy fabrics that will create a strong silhouette. If you’re a bit more playful, try asymmetrical cuts, or modernistic additions like laser cut detailing or origami like folding.

The Ceremony: Choose a classy, refined location – perhaps an art gallery or posh hotel.  Celebrations can continue at your favorite martini bar or restaurant.   

The Flowers: All roses, all the time. A monochromatic bouquet of roses in your favorite color is a timeless look.

The Rings:  Modern designs are fluid, sleek and eye catching. These bold and distinctive rings are like sculpted pieces of fine art. The modern engagement ring respectfully builds on traditional ideas inspiring individuality. Resulting in arresting beauty that is entirely unforgettable.

JAFFE “Metropolitan” 14k White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring Setting ZJAFF00220 and A.JAFFE “Classics” 14k White Gold Diamond Wedding Band ZJAFF00180

A.JAFFE “Seasons Of Love” 14k White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring Setting ZJAFF00285 and A.JAFFE “Seasons Of Love” 14k White Gold Wedding Band ZJAFF00330

The Accessories:  Use the same criteria to choose your accessories – smooth, graceful lines, and sparkle are the perfect way to accent a wrist and frame that glowing smile!

Hearts On Fire “Aerial Regal” 18k White Gold Diamond Earrings 1DIER27011 and Bremer Jewelry “Basics” 14k White Gold Diamond Bracelet 1DIBR12880


Depending on your era of choice, a Vintage Bride can be inspired by Victorian, Art Deco, or 60’s Flower Power, or Boho Chic.  If you’re passionate about fashion inspired by the past, let your wedding be a reflection of that passion! Silver screen goddesses, twenties flappers, mid century mavens, and boho flower children offer loads of creative resources for your Big Day.

The Dress: If you’re not wearing your mother’s lace wedding dress, you’ll find yourself attracted to new designs inspired by eras gone by. This can come in the form of feathers, fringe, beading, and sequins of a Great Gatsby-inspired dress, a cute tea-length dress with tulle pulled from the 1950’s, or a fluid and comfortable sheer lace dress of bohemian beauty.

The Ceremony: You’ll be surrounded by close family in the family church or in the middle of a blooming botanical garden with a pies and doughnuts for dessert!

The Flowers: When choosing flowers, think about what your grandma grew in her garden: Heirloom roses, peonies, and carnations are some old-fashioned standbys. You can eschew flowers entirely for your bouquet and opt for a vintage brooch bouquet!

The Rings: Vintage engagement rings evoke the past through hand-crafted detailing and delicate engraving. Look for milgrain, filigree, and nature-inspired patterns. These elements mimic the beauty of your family’s most treasured heirlooms resulting in rings that will remain beacons of glamour and grace for many years to come.

JAFFE “Art Deco” 14k White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring Setting ZJAFF00214 and A.JAFFE “Art Deco” 14k White Gold Wedding Band ZJAFF00303

Simon G 18k Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Ring Setting BSM20925 and Simon G 18k Yellow Gold Diamond Wedding Band BWBDI17921

The Accessories: Echo those nostalgic details in your accessories! Again, vintage details like milgrain, scrollwork, and floral-inspired shapes will be complete a look inspired by days gone by.

Bremer Jewelry 18k White Gold Diamond Bracelet 1DIBR13094 and Bremer Jewelry 14k White Gold Diamond Earrings 1DIER27847

For the Romantic Bride, love is everything – especially on your big day. It’s a moment that you’ve dreamed about ever since you were a child and looked forward to your whole life. You tend to see life through rose-tinted glasses and many have deemed you a hopeless romantic.

The Dress: You gravitate toward layers and softer fabrics like chiffon and tulle to add a softer appearance. Girly-girl accents like flounces and ruffles and mile-long trains are the cat’s pajamas. Try a blush color or pastel ombre wedding dress for some extra romance!

The Ceremony: Your ceremony will be saturated with meaning and significance. Arrange seating in a circular pattern so you’re literally surrounded by the people who love you. Leave personal notes to guests at place settings and leave stationary and pens for them to write you notes back.  Flickering candlelight will create the perfect ambiance.

The Flowers: When you think of romance you probably think of a feminine palette that includes pink, red, lavender, and peach. These colors convey love and passion and set the stage for a gorgeous wedding. Use delicate blooms like roses, peonies, and carnations which can symbolize the emotions and beauty of your love story.

The Rings: Your ring should shine with the same fire as your passion for each other. Big sparkle is key here and feminine, nature-inspired details don’t hurt, either.

Henri Daussi 18k White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring BSMC12880 and Henri Daussi 14k White Gold Diamond Wedding Band BWBDI20412

Henri Daussi 18k White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring BSMC13011 and Henri Daussi 18k White Gold Diamond Wedding Band Style BWBDI20784

The Accessories: Feminine accessories with graceful curves are the perfect way to complete your romantic bridal look. The Lorelei Collection from Hearts On Fire® is a perfect example of romantic final touches:

Hearts On Fire “Lorelei Floral” 18k White Gold Diamond Earrings 1DIER28621 and Hearts On Fire “Lorelei Floral” 18k White Gold Diamond Necklace 1DIPE53975

Hearts On Fire “Lorelei Floral” 18k White Gold Diamond Bracelet 1dibb03409

The Adventurous Bride sees things differently than most people. People often think you’re “on” something, but that’s just your natural energy. You’re not afraid to do things a little different or push boundaries.  Play with tradition and opt for dark colors or daring cuts for your wedding dress. Your family and friends know you well and won’t be shocked by your choice so be yourself. They’ll walk into your wedding and know with certitude that your hand was involved in it all!

The Dress: Dare to wear light, see-through fabrics and lots of illusion lace to capture a look that is certain to turn heads. Avant-garde designers have your heart and your wallet, but you won’t hesitate to wear your favorite, broken in leather jacket as a topper.

The Ceremony: The music will be anything BUT traditional. I Was Made for Loving You by KISS might be your entrance song. Large, warehouse venues are the perfect playground for your reception designs. Try having guests sign your favorite vinyl LP’s in lieu of a guestbook. Empty bottles from your favorite adult beverage can serve as vases or candle holders.

The Flowers: Or not flowers. Carry something that’s a bit more you, like cotton candy, pinwheels, or balloons. If you can’t bring yourself to go THAT far, try flowers crafted from sheet music or pages from your favorite book.

The Rings: Fancy cuts or alternative gemstones are the perfect way to symbolize your unique love story! Marquise diamonds have an innate edginess to them.

Bremer Jewelry “BeLoved” Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring Setting ZSRG00699 and Bremer Jewelry “BeLoved” 14k White Gold Diamond Wedding Band ZSRG00702

The Accessories: Choose accessories that reflect your edgy style and you’ll be able to wear them for years to come. Look for pieces that combine sparkle with modern or avante-garde shapes.

Bremer Jewelry 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Convertible Earrings 1DIER27839

Forevermark 18k White Gold Diamond Earrings 1DIER25809

Forevermark 18k White Gold Diamond Bracelet 1DIBB02767

Unnerved by the time commitment, cost, and weight associated with planning the happiest day of your life? If a traditional wedding isn’t  for you, you might be a Minimalist Bride. Whether it’s because you have budget restrictions, would  rather save the money for an EPIC honeymoon, or you just don’t want so much STUFF at your wedding, minimalist weddings can be simple and beautiful.

The Dress: A versatile dress with detachable sheer skirt or train can easily double as your reception dress. Or, forget the gown altogether and wear a white sundress or a party dress in your favorite color that you can wear over and over.

The Ceremony: A backyard ceremony is cozy and rent-free. Public parks are another low cost option. There may be restrictions on decorations, but a beautiful outdoor setting is its own decoration!

The Flowers: Opt for a few fresh cut blooms from a relative’s flower garden to carry down the aisle.

The Rings: At Bremer Jewelry, we offer the BEST engagement ring options for EVERY budget. Our knowledgeable jewelry consultants will help you find the perfect ring for you whether your budget is $1,000 or $10,000.

Bremer Jewelry “BeLoved” 14k Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Ring BSMC08093 $1,495 (complete with center stone) and Bremer Jewelry “BeLoved” 14k Rose Gold Wedding Band BWBKG08440 $245

Bremer Jewelry “BeLoved” 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Ring BMTC05791 $3,390 and Bremer Jewelry 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Wedding Band BWBDI10009 $699

The Accessories: Keep any accessories sleek and simple and definitely choose a pair that matches your day-to-day style so you can wear them for more than just special occasions. Clean-looking threaders or simple diamond studs will be perfect!

Forevermark 18k Yellow Gold Diamond Earrings 1DIER26740

A big ol’ Bremer THANK YOU to the lovely vendors, artists, and REAL LIFE couples who collaborated with Amy Mulder Photography back in February to produce the lovely images used in this post: