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Ronda's 8 Favorite Things

Ronda's 8 Favorite Things

You won't find any whiskers on kittens or raindrops on roses on my list of 8 favorite things! Instead, what's waiting for you when you scroll down is something much more delightful. I've gone through the vaults of Bremer and selected eight types of jewelry that I know you're going to love for the holiday season. Spoil yourself with a new piece of diamond or gemstone jewelry or surprise another! This jewelry will delight everybody.

Gold and Diamond Bangle Bracelets

The rest of this list is in no particular order, but these beauties are number one for a reason. These solid (and sturdy) gold bracelets are my number one choice for 2019. The elegant gleaming of the classic yellow gold, punctuated with the occasional sparkle of bright, white diamonds… I mean, c’mon! We hand-picked each one of these flexible beauties while in Las Vegas at market in June (goodness that seems like so long ago!) Our family was so happy when they finally arrived last month! 

Bremer Jewelry in Peoria and Bloomington, IL | Flexible Diamond Bangle Bracelets in Yellow Gold with Bremer ribbon

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Drilled Diamond Jewelry

I know right? It might sound like a harsh concept, drilling a hole right through a dazzling diamond. But what seems to be a damaging idea yields a very wearable and wondrous piece of jewelry. First, a near invisible hole is drilled right through the diamond. Then, a delicate strand of precious metal is threaded right through, creating the illusion of a magically floating gemstone. Whether glistening across your neckline or gleaming from your earlobes, drilled diamond jewelry might just be the next necessary addition to your jewelry wardrobe. I highly recommend trying on a drilled diamond piece in rose gold for something fresh. These open marquise style earrings are my FAVORITE!

Bremer Jewelry, jewelry store in Peoria, jewelry store in Bloomington | Drilled diamond earrings

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Simon G. Gemstone Rings

Whether you love the cool contrast of white gold and sapphires, the retro pop of yellow gold and emeralds or the romantic hues of rose gold and rubies… these fun and funky gemstone rings are sure to brighten your day. My opinion? They are unlike anything else we have in the store, really unlike anything I have seen in a while. You can always count on Simon G to create such trendy yet high-quality pieces!

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Diamond Stud Earrings

I love my fashion earrings and diamond hoops, but nothing makes me feel more powerful yet elegant than donning my diamond studs. It’s my number one recommended gift no matter the occasion. Our team has worked diligently over the years to make sure our selection of diamond studs is the most competitive selection around. Plus, once you purchase a pair of diamond studs from Bremer, you can trade them up for a lifetime.

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Gemstone "Dagger" Necklace

My buyers and I always try to find one distinct and trendy necklace to deem the “dagger” necklace. It started several years ago with a Forevermark necklace that we bouhgt and then sold way more of than we ever thought. Since then, we cultivate one “dagger” style necklace each season. This year, we went for a gemstone for the first time and I. Am. Loving. It. Now… which color is your favorite? I lean towards the blue topaz in white gold.

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Hearts On Fire "Aurora" Ring and Necklace

Showstopping! There’s seven-stone rings and then there’s this ring. Seven of The World’s Most Perfectly Diamonds shine like the sun framed by intricate diamond halos giving the look of an exquisite woven diamond embroidery. Pictures never do Hearts On Fire diamonds justice… I personally invite you into the stores to try on this exceptional piece of jewelry. There’s a matching necklace that’s equaling breathtaking. A cluster of perfectly cut diamonds in a petal-shaped silhouette have the look of one big diamond. A halo of little diamonds exemplifies the effect, making this the perfect pendant to dress up or down.

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Pre-Owned Rolex Timepiece

Rolex is the most collected watch in the world. Because the brand has produced so many timepieces for so long, the number of styles and models available add up to a vast universe of pre-owned models to choose from. We started carrying pre-owned Rolex timepieces almost two years ago and I am so happy we did! It's definitely a crazy world full of technical terms, thousands of models, and intriguing collectors... but one I am glad we're now a part of. But why pre-owned? Because of Rolex quality standards, considered the highest in the world of mass-produced watches, most pre-owned Rolexes (regardless of their model) are still in excellent condition. Any one that strikes your fancy could be a good investment. We're getting new models every day with about a dozen on hand at any given time. If you've got your eye on one... let us know! Chances are, we can get it.

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Henri Daussi Stacking Rings

What can I say? I'm addicted! We have over 80 styles of stacking rings from Henri Daussi... all solid gold and diamonds, starting at $600. From rose gold to marquise shapes, to yellow sapphires and more, you're sure to find a ring (or two) you'll love! Whether you add to your wedding set, create a unique combination for your right hand, or wear solo on one of your fashion fingers. Come on in and play!

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Which item in my list did you love the most? Be sure to tell your friends! You can find these pieces and try them all on by visiting one of my two Bremer Jewelry stores. We have one in Bloomington and one in Peoria. And remember, when you stop by you're shopping with the family, so don't hesitate to ask for anything. See you soon!