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Our top summer trends of 2019

Our top summer trends of 2019

This summer, our jewelry is totally reflecting our desire for a look that exudes chill, casual vibes and transitions easily from work to play. Mal and Lou (our retail buyers) dressed up in their favorite jewelry pieces and had lunch at where else but LOU’S Drive-In to show us how they are accessorizing this summer:

Look! It’s Lou at Lou’s!!


Wardrobe necessity: Jean jacket! Our office is usually freezing and it’s essential to have something to throw on after coming in from the heat and humidity.

Favorite wardrobe trend: Jumpsuits and rompers! Yes it’s hard to find a good fitting one and yes they’re a hassle in the bathroom, but they are so. darn. cute.

How she accessorizes: Bracelet and necklace stacking is a great way to channel your inner bohemian and enjoy multiple favorite pieces at the same time. She loves throwing on a bracelet (or two or three or four) with her Shinola watch. Also, adding pops of yellow gold to her white gold collection. Lou is loving the addition of yellow gold bands to her bridal set and is embracing the popular two-tone trend. ♥ Lou is also a big big fan of anything GREEN (malachite, emeralds, dollar billz…)! As for ear candy – Lou knows you can never go wrong with a pair of diamond studs.

Lou is wearing a diamond line bracelet with her SHINOLA Canfield Day and Night moon phase timepiece, oval halo engagement ring from our BeLoved Collection, and diamond studs.

Add a yellow gold band to your bridal or fashion stack for some warm summer glow! Henri Daussi yellow gold and diamond bands, starting at $770

Layer up those necklaces, ladies! Lou is wearing a Letter “C” spinner disc necklace (her daughter’s initial) and a luxurious station necklace by Simon G.

Simon G Two-Tone 18k Yellow Gold and Diamond Layering Necklace (1DIPE54403) – $1,826

LuLu DK “Love Letters” Gold Plated Spinner Necklace (FAPE14464) – $68

Fries before guys. Lou is wearing her own malachite bead bracelet and Hearts On Fire “Regal” 18k White Gold Diamond Fashion Ring (1DIRG22061) – $6,250. Don’t drop that on your white pants, Lou!

Hearts On Fire “Regal” 18k White Gold Diamond Fashion Ring (1DIRG22061) – $6,250

Aren’t summer “working” lunches the best?!

Their Watches: Ya gotta have a good watch to make sure you get back to work on time! Lou is wearing The Canfield Day and Night moon phase watch with mother of pearl dial (WALO506692) – $700 and Mal is wearing The Canfield Chrono in plum (WALO506914) – $850.


Wardrobe necessity: Colorful sundresses and sandals. Mal is a girly girl and can usually be found in a fun floral print dress or stripey top paired with colorful comfy sandals.

Favorite wardrobe trend: Rompers and paper bag waists and backpacks!

How she accessorizes: Mal doesn’t leave home without her Shinola watch and balances her other wrist with a few Les Georgettes cuff bracelets to add pops of fun summer colors. She love, love, LOVES the convertible dangle earrings from Jade Trau’s Alchemy Collection for Forevermark and can’t wait to add the Center of My World right-hand ring to her own collection.

Ooooo girl that RING! Mal is wearing a gorgeous classic halo engagement ring from our own BeLoved Collection. Her necklace is the sterling silver and cz Wishbone Necklace by PANDORA (PDNE02758) – $90

Forevermark “Alchemy” 18k Yellow Gold Diamond Earrings (1DIER29066) – $2,750

Les Georgette cuff bracelets start at just $79 with reversible insert. Hundreds of colors available. Come create your own signature bracelet for summer! Fun fact: Mal doesn’t like rootbeer – she’s just being a good sport for the shoot

Choose your design, finish, and the color of your leather or fluid Perspex, and explore the endless possibilities! Les Georgettes by Altesse adapts to your own personal style, from morning to night, wherever the day takes you!

Did you know that we’re giving away a Les Georgettes bracelet with your diamond purchase during our July Diamond Jewelry Event?! That’s right, this beauty above could be yours for FREE! Jump over to the event blog for all the details!

Here, YOU drink it! Mal chose fun, curvy diamond bands (both by Henri Daussi) to complete her bridal set: 18k white gold and diamond infinity twist band (BWBDI20784) – $1,870 and 14k white gold and diamond open circle band (BWBDI22236) – $1,870

Disclaimer: Neither Mal nor Lou were wearing their own wedding sets for this shoot so they had fun “comparing” the size of their rings. LOL

Mal most def made the better popcorn heart♥

Stop by either of our Bremer Jewelry locations and let us help you add some colorful sparkly fun to YOUR summer!

**A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU TO our neighbor and local summer icon LOU’S DRIVE IN for so graciously allowing us to take a few pics during a busy lunchtime, providing us with a non-squished bun :), and being all-around AWESOME!♥**