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Mother's Day Gift Guide: 2021 Edition

Mother's Day Gift Guide: 2021 Edition

Last Mother’s Day, our doors were closed and our staff was unable to be in our stores to help you shop for the mom in your life. This year, the Bremer family is celebrating Mother’s Day TWICE AS MUCH to make up for lost time. First off, we want to acknowledge that for some of our Bremer family, Mother’s Day isn’t as easily celebrated. We want to take this moment for all of you who have a hard time with this holiday; whether you never knew your own mom, have lost your mother, or are struggling to become a mom. We love you and hope we can celebrate with you one day!

We said it last year, and we will say it again this year… WOW MOMS!!! Last Mother’s Day, since we were on lockdown, we couldn’t produce a typical commercial. So, our employees sent in pictures and videos of their “real mom life” and with the help of some iPhone apps and a Macbook, we made this commercial for you. And we still mean EVERY. WORD. Last year, we were able to donate over $3500 to the Midwest Food Bank (as you will see at the end of last years commercial).

(DISCLAIMER: The percentage of sales donation was for Mother's Day 2020 only).

We know there are all kinds of moms out there: single moms, working moms, young moms, moms of one, moms of nine, stay-at-home moms, stepmoms, like-a-moms, grandmas, great-grandmas, and so many more. Here are some meaningful and beautiful gift ideas for the mom in your life:


Engravable & Initial Jewelry

What better way to tell mom you love her than by writing it on a piece of jewelry for all to see! Our engravable jewelry styles are high-quality AND trendy! First, choose from our mini discs, dimensional vertical bar necklace, or the traditional bar necklace. Then select which color you want; rose, yellow, or white gold. Then, engrave with the kids names, birthdates, initials, or anything else close to the heart of your family and voila! A super meaningful piece of jewelry she can wear forever.

Maybe mom is a bit more modern or likes a bolder style choice? Then check out our initial jewelry. We have the CUTEST mini initial stud earrings, gorgeous layering bolo bracelets (in-store only), and our newest favorite? That large initial necklace you saw last Christmas, BUT NOW IN SILVER. Jenny is rocking out her last initial with the big, shiny “ M”!

Birthstone Jewelry

The question we get every year without fail at least 132 times, “Do you sell Mother’s Rings?” The answer is YES! And we think Mother’s Jewelry is a timeless and beautiful way to honor your family. There are SO MANY options when it comes to Mother’s Jewelry. Let us break it down for you this way: Let’s say Bremer has six Mother’s Ring styles in our cases (we do). Those rings can come with up to seven different birthstones of which there are twelve birth months to choose from for each of those birthstones. Then, the rings can be ordered in five different types of metals. With just those three customization options, that’s a possibility of over 30,000 different styles (not including finger size!). That means that every piece of Mother’s Jewelry must be custom ordered to fit your family, style, and budget. Please allow 2-4 weeks for the item to be crafted to your specifications (aka, let’s order before April 23rd). If you’re past that date, we can always print off a picture for you to wrap and call as soon as the piece arrives!

Stackable Birthstone Bracelets

Our NEW version of the Mother’s Ring? These all-natural, hand threaded, stackable birthstone bracelets from our friend Dee Berkley. Each bracelet comes in an adorable keepsake box. A super affordable and stylish option for kiddos to get their mom. Check out Jenny… She got one bracelet from each of her five kiddos!


The Hearts On Fire Triple Bezel Necklace

One of our favorites from the holiday season, this delicate necklace can represent three generations, a family of three, or three kiddos. We thought it would be a super sweet way for these three ladies (grandma Cheryl, momma Jenny, and daughter Pearl) to honor each other! Plus, they each got to pick out their own color (rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold).

The You + Me Mini Necklace

Love and friendship are life’s greatest gifts and should always be cherished and celebrated! Our You + Me Collection is designed to do just that. These designs feature two interlocking circles. One represents “you” and the other, “me.” This particular design is brand-new, our most petite and trendy version. A perfect gift from sister to sister, mother to daughter, daughter to grandmother, or from one mom to another… a meaningful way to say THANK YOU.

The Mini Moon Diamond Necklace

One of our favorite collections “To The Moon and Back” features a collection of jewelry centered around the celestial. Inspired by the phrase “I love you to the moon and back”, one of our best-selling pieces for the past several years has been our diamond mini moon. 

The ‘To The Moon and Back’ Ring

From the same collection, comes this open space ring. The one thing we love about this ring? We think it’s perfect for ANY age and a great way to stay connected with your grandma or mom. And the best part? Free ring sizing if it doesn’t fit JUST right. And check out those nails! Compliments of the talented Miss Jentry at Corpo Bello Salon and Spa.

GIFT IDEAS FROM DAD (or husband, wife, mom, co-parent)

  Diamond Stud Earrings Our number one question when a spouse enters the store shopping for their wife… “Does she have diamond studs?” A true staple in any woman’s wardrobe! We have several collections of diamond studs, but our best-selling “classic” collection is what’s featured online. These dazzling beauties are hand-set in three prongs (what we call a martini-style setting) for a secure but brighter look that sits flush with the skin of your ear lobe. Any diamond studs can be customized to a different metal color. And the best part? Bremer offers a Lifetime Trade Up on our diamond studs, come check them out to learn more. A particularly cool gift to give if you have two children!

The ‘By My Side’ Necklace She has been there for everything: the laughing, the crying, and everything in-between. She has stood by you (and the kids) through thick and thin, never leaving your side. SHE is the reason we created the “By My Side” Collection, jewelry styles designed with elements that mirror each other like this symmetrical circle necklace glimmering with round and baguette diamonds. Everytime she puts it on, she will be reminded how much you notice and appreciate all she does for your family.

A.Jaffe Diamond Eternity Bands Maybe your kids are grown, you’ve got the whole Grandma and Grandpa thing nailed down, and you're celebrating decades of marriage… but you still want to WOW her with something breathtaking for Mother’s Day. Look no further than our customized eternity band program. All A. Jaffe Eternity Rings are crafted specifically for you, so pricing varies based on finger size, metal type, and total diamond carat weight (special order time varies 4-6 weeks). Visit our stores to try on over 60 eternity band models, then customize your very own for a perfect fit! Jenny is rocking out the round diamond style stacked with the vertical oval style. 

The Hearts On Fire Tessa Necklace

Our number one selling diamond necklace of 2020 is BACK for Mother’s Day. If momma is in need of an everyday diamond necklace… you just found it. Choose from two sizes and three colors. See you soon!

The Center Of My World Five-Diamond Ring

She’s your rock. Your cornerstone. She’s the one who keeps it all together no matter how crazy it gets. The focal point of this collection is a sparkling round center diamond nestled in a halo of smaller shimmering diamonds. The center diamond represents the love of your life - the center of your world. The diamond halo (all those little diamonds surrounding that center diamond) represents the life you’ve built together. Every time she wears it she’ll be reminded that she is important and she is loved. This ring is our favorite go-to for a family of five or a momma with five kiddos (like Jenny). An elegant and effortless piece you can wear stacked with your bridal set or boldly on it’s own, plus it’s available in two different sizes. You + Me Bracelet Set One bracelet to represent you, one bracelet to represent me... side by side where we will always be! This beauty is also from Dee Berkley which means it's hand-strung, all-natural gemstones. A quick and easy gift to delight the mom in your life.

So there you have it! Jewelry gift ideas for Mother’s Day from the family at Bremer Jewelry. But don’t think this is all we have! Take a step further and check out our online offerings of earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and more… and always know: there are SO MANY MORE items to choose from IN OUR STORES. We do not have our entire inventory posted on the website so we invite you to shop in the store, tell us a little bit more about the mom in your life, and let’s shop together for a Mother’s Day gift that will make her feel adored (and maybe even make up for last year).  -- HUGE SHOUTOUT to Jenny McCoy, owner of Corpo Bello Salon and Spa AND Bello Boutique for rounding up her entire family of NINE for this amazing photoshoot. We adore you, respect you, and love you. You are a powerhouse, woman!!! Thanks to your kiddos for putting up with us, they did amazing <3 And as always, we are ALWAYS blown away by the time and talents shared with us by the amazing Lauren Anderson Photography. You ladies make our world go round!