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Jewelry Trends to Fall For

Jewelry Trends to Fall For

It is now OCTOBER and while some of you have been getting your fall freak on since September 1, we will no longer look at you funny for doing so! Go ahead – bust out those booties, festoon your entry with hay bales and gourds, and drown yourself in pumpkin spice latte – we won’t judge. BUT we will judge if your fall jewelry is not on point (we ARE a jewelry store, after all).

In this blog we’ve taken three of our favorite fall outfits (and treats) and topped them off with favorite fall jewelry trends. Feel free to draw on this inspiration and adapt it to your own style and budget for a look that’s totally on-point and totally you!

Weekend Casual + Apple Cider Donuts + Yellow Gold: Maybe it’s the falling temps that make us want to cozy up to the warmth of yellow gold jewelry, or maybe it’s how smashing yellow gold looks alongside autumn hues. Whatever the reason, we find ourselves drawn to yellow gold like never before! So go ahead and treat yourself to that second (or third) donut – fall fashions are very forgiving and your sparkling accessories will draw all the attention.

Various Womens Clothing

Various Gold Womens Jewelry

Wear to Work + Pumpkin Spice Latte + Statement Earrings: The statement earring has officially reached wardrobe-staple status: This one-time novelty trend has become the fashion equivalent of putting on a bold lip to tie together your ensemble. Pair them with your favorite work outfit and cup of warm, sugary caffeine and they can only hope to keep up with you!

Various Womens Clothing

Just A Pair Of These

Kendra Scott’s got your statement earring needs covered! Clockwise from top left: Rhodium plated filigree ELLE earring – $65, Gold plated ivory mother of pearl DIANE earring – $130, Gold plated black KIRSTEN earring – $65, Rhodium plated abalone shell ARAGON earring – $80

Bonfire + S’Mores + Stars: An evening with friends & family around a cozy fire under a canopy of stars feasting on gooey, sticky, scrumptious s’mores – it doesn’t get much better than this! Why not take it one step further and adorn yourself with styles picked from the heavens? What’s better is that these gorgeous celestial-themed jewelry pieces are extremely versatile and easily be paired with a work or date night outfit as well! Stars for the win!

Various Womens Clothing For Camping

Borrow A Bit Of The Night Sky

Various Moon & Star Shaped Necklaces