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Jewelry Repair Services

Jewelry Repair Services

Fast, In-house Repair Services by Bremer Jewelry

It’s important to find jewelry repair services you can trust, so your items can shine on through generations. At Bremer Jewelry, we offer 75 years of combined repair experience! We proudly have six full-time bench jewelers on staff, ready to repair your beloved jewelry right inside our store. Because we do repairs on site, we can offer you fast turnaround times, including same day or next-day repairs for select services. Forever starts here, and it continues on with trusted repair services for the life of every treasured piece. 

Our service department is here to preserve cherished memories by restoring your special items. Read on for some of our fast, expert offerings. For a full list of services, click here.

Complimentary Services

Regardless of where or when you acquired your fine jewelry piece or luxury watch, the Bremer family is more than happy to offer the following expert services for FREE:

  • Evaluation
  • Jewelry Deep Cleaning
  • Professional Jewelry Inspection
  • Metal Testing
  • Diamond Testing
  • Watch Bracelet Cleaning

Come see us for these essential, complimentary services in Bloomington or Peoria and we promise to care for your jewelry as if it were our own. 

Same Day Services

Drop your items off before noon and you’ll be able to pick them up after 5pm!

  • Soldering Chains, Rings or Charms
  • Polishing & Rhodium Plating
  • Stone Tightening

Soldering Chains, Rings or Charms: We are skilled at delicate metal work, including fusing broken chains, rings and charms. This type of repair restores your item’s beauty and strength, so it can be worn for years to come.

Rhodium Plating: This service truly transforms your white gold and silver pieces, restoring their luminous shine and offering an added layer of protection. Over time, white gold can lose its luster or become slightly yellowed due to wear and the natural properties of gold. A thin layer of rhodium plating can revive the jewelry's original sparkle and protect it from scratches and tarnish. This process, recommended every one to two years, can make your old jewelry look brand new, enhancing its beauty and extending its life. Bring in your white gold pieces today for an evaluation!

Stone Tightening: The prongs holding diamonds or gemstones can wear down, bend or break, posing a risk of losing the stone. Resetting stones is not just about securing the gem back into its place; it's a meticulous process that involves inspecting the setting for damage, tightening or replacing prongs and ensuring that the stone is perfectly aligned. Regular checks by our team can identify potential problems early, preventing the heartache of a lost stone. 

Next Day Services

Leave your jewelry with our expert team, and you can pick it up next day when you select the following services:

  • Standard Ring Sizing
  • Adhesive or Epoxy Stones
  • Setting & Sizing New Engagement Rings
  • Rings Purchased from Bremer

Ring Sizing: Our bodies change over time, and so does the fit of our rings. Our ring sizing service adjusts the band to your current size without compromising the ring's structure or design. A perfectly sized ring ensures comfort, prevents the ring from slipping off and maintains the even distribution of stress on the ring to preserve its longevity. Entrusting this delicate task to our skilled jewelers is crucial, as improper sizing can damage the ring or alter its appearance. Often, engagement rings and wedding rings are worn every day, so proper sizing is of the utmost importance.

Adhesive or Epoxy Stones: Adhesive or epoxy services can play a crucial role in securely setting stones in jewelry, ensuring each gem remains in place despite daily wear. This specialized service not only enhances the durability of precious pieces but also maintains their aesthetic appeal through the use of adhesives that are nearly invisible to the naked eye. By carefully selecting and applying the right epoxy, we can repair beloved items or create custom pieces that stand the test of time, combining beauty with resilience.

Services Within Four Business Days

Some advanced services require a bit more time, but you’ll have your jewelry item returned to you within four business days when you select the following services:

  • Tips & Prongs (10 stones max)
  • Channel Rebuilding (10 stones max)
  • Shank Replacement
  • Special Ring Sizing and Soldering

Tips and Prongs: This precise art involves adjusting metal tips or prongs to snugly encase each gem, providing protection and an elegant showcase. Whether it's for an engagement ring or a cherished family heirloom, professional tip and prong adjustments ensure the longevity and beauty of these treasured pieces, keeping stones safely mounted and brilliantly displayed.

Channel Rebuilding: A meticulous process where worn or damaged channels—the grooves that hold stones in place—are expertly restored or recreated by our skilled jewelers. This specialized repair not only revitalizes the structural integrity of a piece but also enhances its visual appeal, ensuring that each gemstone is set within a new, secure framework. 

Shank Replacement: We can address the wear and tear on rings by replacing worn or damaged portions of the band, rejuvenating the piece's structural integrity and comfort. This intricate process involves crafting a new shank that matches the original ring's design and metal, ensuring a seamless integration that restores its beauty and durability. Whether due to thinning, cracking or resizing needs, a professional shank replacement can significantly extend the life of a cherished ring.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance and Repair

Fine jewelry is more than an accessory; it's an investment, a cherished heirloom and an important part of your life’s special story. Regular maintenance and timely repairs are essential for several reasons, including preserving value, preventing the loss of fine jewelry items or gemstones and ensuring optimal safety and comfort. Our team of expert jewelers can help you achieve peace of mind through the necessary maintenance and repairs.

Bring it to Bremer Jewelry

We offer expert jewelry repair you can trust. A full range of in-house services means that your jewelry is meticulously cared for, and returned to you quickly. Because your repair is done on-site at our Bloomington or Peoria store, we can provide a fast turnaround time. That means you’ll be wearing your gorgeous jewelry again in no time!

Visit us for regular maintenance and repair, and we’ll keep your jewelry as good as new (or better!). Click here to make an appointment.

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