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Introducing: the Forevermark Alchemy™ Collection

As an authorized Forevermark retailer, your family at Bremer Jewelry is pleased to introduce The Forevermark Alchemy™ Collection by designer Jade Trau.

The Forevermark Alchemy™ Collection showcases the true beauty of a Forevermark diamond in a way that is unique to Jade’s design style. It is Jade’s intention to design a collection that bonds a diamond to its wearer. The Forevermark Alchemy ™ Collection by Jade Trau does just that by transforming four classic diamond shapes into meaningful archetypes. Jade believes that each archetype speaks to a part of a woman, while allowing her the ability to utilize her own creativity to combine the pieces that speak to her individually.


A woman who is creative, intuitive and compassionate.

You are open minded and a big picture thinker. You are imaginative in an artistic sense, but also in a social sense, and you have a knack for bringing people together. You shine when it comes to empathy, nurturing, and you instinctively know how to comfort those who may be at a loss for words. You pursue your own passions while inspiring others to pursue theirs. Your warmth comes through in your style which is casual, feminine, and romantic.

A striking blend of the round and marquise shape, pear-shaped diamonds have an alluring teardrop form, symbolizing your sensitive nature. These diamonds are an outstanding choice to maximize brilliance and make for a more unique piece of diamond jewelry.


A woman who is classic, gracious and loyal.

You are the matriarch of your social circle valuing community, family and friends above all else. You have a high regard for tradition. You balance all aspects of your life with an air of grace that leaves everyone wondering how you keep it all together. You are stylish, but not trendy and your friends would describe your look as polished and timeless.

This shape is the most classic. Round diamonds are cut in such a way that light return, brilliance, and sparkle are maximized. The most timeless staple in any woman’s jewelry box, a pair of round diamond studs is the little-black-dress equivalent.


A woman who is adventurous, independent and spirited.

You march to the beat of your own drum and follow your heart, wherever it takes you. You are curious and energetic, and you are always ready for your next new experience. You make friends easily, but don’t require the companionship of others to be happy. Your carefree personality reflects your live-in-the-moment mentality. For better or for worse, you are a risk-taker with your fashion sense, often setting the latest trends.

The marquise shape takes an unexpected approach with remarkable pointed peaks on either end of the diamond. Its soft curves coupled with its compass-like sharp points make it the perfect-shaped diamond to wear along life’s adventures.


A woman who is bold, determined and genuine.

You are a natural leader. You set goals and achieve them. You make your decisions based on common sense and rational analysis, yet you aren’t afraid to take calculated risks. You are a strong, powerful, no-nonsense kind of woman with a sense of style to match. Your fashion choices exude your confidence, and you set the trends instead of following them.

Emerald diamonds are recognizable for their distinctive step-cut pattern and elongated shape. The clean lines, cropped corners and large face of an emerald-shaped diamond evoke a strong, bold look that accentuates the diamond’s color and superior clarity.

Feel like you’re a mix of all four?