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Sparkling Diamond

Forever Starts with a Diamond

That stunning diamond in your engagement ring probably has an incredible story to tell. From a diamond’s creation to the moment the stone is mounted in a ring, is a tale that spans eons and continents. While the diamond is known as the birthstone for April, cherished as a symbol of everlasting love and romance, the gem’s spectacular history makes this stone sparkle all the more brightly. Let’s take a journey through time and discover the dynamic diamond’s glittering past. 

The Birth of the Diamond

The oldest diamonds are over three billion years old, older than some of the stars in the sky. Unlike the stars, however, diamonds are born deep beneath the earth’s surface. Through extreme heat and pressure the stone is formed before being forced to the surface by volcanic activity. 

The Diamond Throughout the Ages

After the birth of the first diamonds, billions of years went by before the stone made its debut in human history. Diamonds were mined in ancient India 2,000 years ago, where they were collected from rivers and streams. The Hindus called the diamond “vajra” or “thunderbolt”, believing that the radiant gems were created when lightning struck stone. 

From India, diamonds were traded and made their way into the wider world, eventually landing in ancient Greece. The word for “diamond” actually comes from the Greek word “adamas”, meaning a substance that is so hard it’s unbreakable. The word also means  “unconquerable” and “invincible”. Quite a fitting name, because for centuries the only way you could cut a diamond was by using another diamond. 

As time passed and the diamond became part of other cultures, the myths about it grew. Roman soldiers believed the gem could protect them in battle. During the Middle Ages in Europe, the diamond was considered the “miracle stone” and was thought to cure everything from brain disease to stomach aches. 

The Diamond Meets Its Match

Moving forward in our historical journey, we reach the year 1477. And what a remarkable year it was for our beloved diamond. At the time the Archduke Maximillian of Austria was head over heels for Mary of Burgundy. Because he was so in love with her, he commissioned the very first diamond engagement ring, sparking a tradition that continues to this day. 

However, it took almost 500 years for that tradition to really take off. (Hey, what’s 500 years to a billion year old diamond?) In 1948, Frances Gerety, a copywriter, developed the famed slogan “A Diamond is Forever”. Her single slogan made diamond engagement rings so popular that today more than 80% of American brides receive a diamond engagement ring. Through this, the diamond became inseparable from the idea of love and romance. 

Find Your Forever Diamond at Bremer

From the molten center of the earth to the glimmer of the engagement ring, the diamond has had a truly marvelous history. What’s even more remarkable is that each individual stone has its own unique journey to experience. And that adventure begins when you visit Bremer Jewelry to explore our extensive selection of loose diamonds. Find the stone of your dreams today at either our Bloomington or Peoria location and begin your own diamond journey.