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Family with fine wedding bands and other fine jewelries on the beach

Dazzling Holiday Selections with Ashley and Sen | Bremer Jewelry

As the holidays roll around, everyone is trying to find the perfect gifts for their loved ones. We often want to look outside the proverbial box for those ideal presents, but that means we miss one of the most poignant solutions. Nothing shines quite as bright as fine jewelry, which captures the significance of our most meaningful moments and relationships. At Bremer Jewelry, we like to think inside the box when it comes to finding gifts which will make those you cherish light up with joy this holiday season. That’s why we’re presenting a special series featuring some of our most stunning treasures, modeled by some equally breathtaking women and their husbands. We hope you can find inspiration for your holiday shopping and discover pieces that can make your loved ones feel adored, deserving and appreciated.   

Meet Ashley and Sen

Sen is a local firefighter who enjoys letting his leading lady, Ashley, take the spotlight. With two children, their lives are brimming with love and activities from dance to sports. Ashley enjoys an effortless look she can wear where-ever she goes, whether that’s a sports game, on-the-go or inspiring the young women of her community. The pieces Ashley wore not only blend with her easy-going style, but also glimmer with the one-of-a-kind magic you can only find in a Bremer box. 

Ashley’s Brilliant Treasures

woman with yellow gold and diamond hoop earnings and a My Brightest Star necklace

Yellow gold and diamond hoop earrings glitter alongside Ashley’s layered necklaces, including a My Brightest Star constellation necklace, a piece from our Celebration Collection and a stunning vertical bar.  

Adorning her ring finger is an A. Jaffe Round Center Side Stone Engagement Ring. She also sports a gorgeous Shinola watch and a diamond tennis bracelet

woman with the Bremer Jewelry Round Necklace and Round Diamond Necklace

Lovely in layers, the Bremer Jewelry Round Necklace and Round Diamond Cluster Necklace make radiant companions.    

woman with a ring from Bremer  Jewelry's Celebration collection

Ashley glows with this gorgeous ring from our Celebration collection and her A. Jaffe Engagement Ring

Sen’s Handsome Selections

a couple with a fine watch and jewelry

Ashley and Sen make a picture-perfect couple with jewelry to match. Ashley’s gold and diamond hoops, A. Jaffe Engagement Ring and layered diamond bracelets sparkle in harmony with Sen’s bold Shinola watch and multi-metal wedding band

A black Shinola timepiece with a Tantalum men's wedding band

Sen wears another striking Shinola timepiece, paired with a Tantalum men’s wedding band


man with a white Shinola watch and white gold wedding ring

Dressed for a day at the beach with accessories to match, including a vibrant Shinola watch and white gold wedding ring

Think Inside the Box with Bremer

The selections featured for Ashley and Sen are but the tip of the iceberg. Check out our other holiday collections with Briggett and Patrick and Maya and Dalton. And remember, don’t worry about reinventing the wheel this year when it comes to your seasonal gift-giving. Instead, think inside the box with the timeless gift of jewelry from Bremer. So, visit us in Peoria or Bloomington today and find presents that will make your loved ones feel absolutely adored.

Plus, we’d like to extend a special thank you to Jonah’s Seafood House and East Peoria Boat Club for their generous assistance with this photoshoot. 

Photography by Lauren Anderson Photography.