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Dawn's Holiday Lookbook

Dawn's Holiday Lookbook

Our sweet and sassy Dawn! Dawn is a corporate executive with a knack for casual couture. She lives an international kind of life, jet setting for both work and play.

It’s that time of year again! Here at Bremer Jewelry, the holidays are always our favorite time of year. It’s when we have the most jewelry in our cases and the most people in our stores. It’s when we work our hardest and laugh the most. It’s a truly magical time of year for both our Bremer family and Bremer customers. Our team is bound and determined to deliver the most meaningful jewelry selection at the best prices alongside unparalleled customer experience. And it starts RIGHT NOW.


Our sweet and sassy Dawn! Dawn is a corporate executive with a knack for casual couture. She lives an international kind of life, jet setting for both work and play. Her style ranges from French couture (for the east coast business trip) to a Target t-shirt (when she’s making pizza with her two kiddos). When it comes to jewelry, Dawns the type who favors elegant and traditional statement pieces. Not only were her looks completely swoon-worthy… but had such a sense of tradition, strength, and class. We chose to put Dawn in our most stunningly classic items, our timeless favorites.Check out our top jewelry picks for her in this gift guide for the 2021 Holiday Season at Bremer Jewelry.

Look 1 ::PURE::

We’re not sure what we love more: the green couch, Dawn’s skirt, or the two-tone mixing of her jewelry! We took our most classic pieces and put them all in one sesational look. Dawn is draped in a harmonious combination of both yellow gold and white gold diamond staples. Any one of these pieces would make an incredible gift from one generation to the next, a wearable memory of your family’s love. If you’re looking for high-end diamond essentials that will stand the test of time, look no further than the pieces below.

Let's start with this UBER classic ten-diamond ring. This Hearts On Fire stunner has been a staple for years, but we've never given it the spotlight it deserves. Ten perfectly cut round diamonds nestled in your choice of white or yellow gold (shown here in white gold).

The family at Bremer loves mixing metals, even with meaningful and classic designs! We've stacked three different bracelets to compliment that Hearts On Fire ring and finished the collection with the eternally iconic Lady-Datejust Rolex. Bracelets from left to right: Bezel Set Diamond Bangle Bracelet in White Gold, Diamond Flexible Bangle in Yellow Gold, and Bezel Set Tennis Bracelet in Yellow and White Gold.

We thought you'd want a closer look at that beauty!

Pre-Owned Rolex 26mm Datejust in Yellow Gold

Remember that ten-stone ring? Here are the matching earrings! Five perfect diamonds in each of these very wearable hoop earrings, also from Hearts On Fire.The Bremer family tries REALLY hard not to play favorites, but we might break the rules this once (or a couple other times in the other look books, too). We've never had a necklace like this before and we are all swooning over it's beauty and comfort: Graduated Bezel Set Diamond Riviera Necklace in White Gold (5.80 ctw).One of freshest wedding sets is this breathtaking design from Noam Carver, our newest bridal designer: Noam Carver Atelier Modern Halo Diamond Engagement Ring Setting in Yellow Gold and Noam Carver Atelier Straight Diamond Wedding Band in Yellow GoldJust one final glance at this elegant and regal look!


Look 2 ::PLAYFUL::

We get asked all the time how to wear and wardrobe pearl strands. One of the reasons we love pearls? They play well with others! Pearls look great paired with diamonds and compliment any metal color! And who says you have to wear one strand at a time?!Office meeting? Day date? Girls brunch? Hard to tell, all we know is Dawn looks ready for pretty much anything!

You don't HAVE to match your pearl studs and your pearl strand, but when you do... we think it's quite magical! So timeless, so classic. Bremer offers a wide range of different qualities and sizes of pearl studs and strands ranging from $95 to $1695. Here, Dawn is wearing Akoya Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings (8.0mm) in White Goldand Akoya Cultured Pearl Strand (7.5mm) in Yellow Gold.We added the A. Jaffe Pear-Shaped Diamond Eternity Ring in White Gold betweeen the wedding set as an anniversary band that POPS!Aren't those layered pearl strands so eye-catching? Or we're you distracted by that unique diamond ring on her finger?Take a peek at all our pearl strands,check out that A. Jaffe Marquise Diamond Eternity Ring in White Gold,or hop on over to one of our newest bracelets: Bezel Set Tennis Bracelet in Yellow and White Gold.Bezel Set Tennis Bracelet in Yellow and White GoldA. Jaffe Marquise Diamond Eternity Ring in White GoldOh, and we kept Dawn in that incredible Rolex for all three looks because... why not?

Look 3 ::PROFOUND::

Yes, that’s ANOTHER green couch… we couldn’t help ourselves. This look MIGHT be our favorite… it’s screams Vogue magazine cover! If you ever need that extra boost of confidence, we’re positive any one of these pieces will inspire you to hold your head just a smidge higher.

Let's talk about those hoops first. Have you heard of "inside-outside hoop earrings"? It's the name for a design of hoop earrings where all the diamonds in the earring end up facing outward so there's no wasted sparkle. These oval/pear-shaped beauties from Hearts On Fire are our number one go-to, especially because of thier ergonomic earring posts. You have to try them on!And that necklace? It's Hearts On Fire, too.Earrings fit for Goldielocks... they sit juuuuuuuuuust right: Hearts On Fire Small Signature Pear Diamond Hoops in White Gold.Although the Aurora necklace can stand on it's own, we thought it looked best layered with the newest addition to our Power Of One Collection: Hearts On Fire Aurora Diamond Necklace in Yellow Gold Power of One Diamond Bezel Necklace in Yellow Gold (0.50 ctw)Diamond Tennis Bracelet in White Gold (5.00 ctw) By My Side Bypass Diamond Ring in White GoldWe think every woman should have a diamond bracelet in their wardrobe. Go for a traditional tennis bracelet (like this one) or a unqiue bracelet with some design.And there's another view of that new bypass ring (don't you love this baguette diamond trend that's going strong?!)And that's a wrap on Dawn's lookbook! This year, remember to THINK INSIDE THE BOX with the family at Bremer Jewelry.Check out our other three Holiday Lookbooks:Jessica's Lookbook Ashley's Lookbook Jenny's LookbookAND PLEASE give a round of applause to all of our local, small business friends who made this all possible!Photography: the ever-talented and oh-so-entertaining, Lauren Anderson PhotographyVenue: graciously hosted by YouAre and Church 2:14 for Dawn’s photoshoot. Those guys are just way too kind... Thank you!