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Permanent Jewelry from Bremer Jewelry

Celebrate Enduring Relationships with Permanent Jewelry

A true companion is someone who has stood by us through thick and thin, offering support and sometimes guidance. They make life that much sweeter and richer with their presence. They might be your best friend, your sister, mother, daughter or anyone you feel a deep connection with. Your one-of-a-kind bond is enduring and something you’ve always celebrated. Now you can do so in a way as lasting as your relationship. Through our new and exciting permanent jewelry service, LinkedForever, you can honor these treasured connections. 

What Is Permanent Jewelry?

Permanent jewelry is simply a claspless chain which is welded around your wrist by a specially trained Bremer associate. It’s completely painless and the bracelet is custom-sized to fit your wrist perfectly. You’ll be left with a glittering, permanent treasure you can cherish forever. The experience of permanent jewelry is ideal for commemorating the unique bond you share with a loved one you wish to be connected with. 


A Variety of Choices

At your appointment, you’ll have the opportunity to choose the bracelet you’ll love. There are five different chains in total, three available in lustrous yellow gold and two in stunning silver. Plus, you’ll have the choice of additional brilliant birthstones or links, such as the words “love”, “mama” and more. You can tailor your bracelet to exactly your style and desires, making it as singular as the relationship you’re honoring. 

At Bremer, we also offer a special option for those who require a clasp to make the bracelet easy to remove for work or medical reasons. 



A Worry-Free Experience

Permanent jewelry not only carries wonderful meaning, but it also provides peace of mind that it will never go missing. Because the bracelet is claspless and fitted to your wrist, it will never slip off. However, if you decide to remove your bracelet one day, you can certainly do so by simply using a pair of scissors to carefully sever the links. 



Make Your Link Forever with Bremer

Ready to start the process? Make an appointment today by calling our Bloomington location at (309) 662-9700, or connecting with our Peoria location at (309) 683-1024. We can’t wait to help you celebrate your most lasting relationships through the incredible experience of permanent jewelry.