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Looking for anniversary gift ideas?  Gemstones add another layer of opportunity to the list of conventional anniversary gifts! While the traditional and even modern anniversary gifts can sometimes lack emotion and interest, gemstones offer infinite inspiration and meaning.

There is no single authoritative wedding anniversary gemstone list. However, based on similar lists that we’ve found, we’ve made some suggestions below for wedding anniversary gems. We hope this complete list of Traditional, Modern, and Gemstone gifts by year is a useful tool for you to select the perfect gift to celebrate another year of love and commitment!

First Anniversary Gifts: Paper, Clocks, Gold

Time flies when you’re in love! Remind your spouse that you cherish every minute of your life together with a stylish watch!

Gold – the metal – is the traditional recommendation for the first wedding anniversary. There are obviously loads of gold jewelry gift choices! But there are beautiful, gold-colored gemstones that can also symbolize the golden glow of your first year together. Try a something with warm citrine or perhaps this lovely gold sapphire band.

Second Anniversary Gifts: Cotton, China, Garnet

At the second year, couples are probably still well-stocked in linens and china from the wedding – go with passionate red garnet instead! Le Vian® and our BeColorful Collection offer many gorgeous pieces accented with this gorgeous gemstone.

Third Anniversary Gifts: Leather, Crystal, Pearl

Three is a magic number. Past, present, and future… and THREE fun choices for anniversary gifts!

Leather bracelets are a popular casual item for both men and women. Stop by and browse selections from PANDORA. Or, try a Shinola watch with an American leather strap made by American hands in Detroit.

When you think crystal do you think goblets and vases? How about jewelry? Cubic zirconia is a manmade crystal used extensively in less expensive pieces. One of our favorite fashion lines, ELLE Time and Jewelry, makes some exquisite necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings using cubic zirconia that would make beautiful third year anniversary gifts.

Pearls offer another whole world of choices! Pearls are timeless and come in so many colors and styles. Stop in and browse our selection from HONORA or even these fun necklaces from Bronzallure get you into the pearl game.

Fourth Anniversary Gifts: Flowers, Appliances, Blue Topaz

You’ll have to shop elsewhere for your appliances, but we can help you out with flowers and blue topaz for fourth year gifts! Give her flowers in the form of floral-inspired jewelry from Simon G.! Amongst our favorites are these lovely gold and diamond hoops and these adorable studs.

For blue topaz you’ll want to visit our BeColorful Collection for a lovely selection of earrings and pendants. Likewise, Le Vian® offers up some delectable pieces featuring their signature Ocean Blue Topaz™

Fifth Anniversary Gifts: Wood, Silverware, Sapphire

Five is the first big milestone year. Give something of high quality that will last as a symbol of love and commitment!

Give him a new twist on his wedding band AND incorporate wood with one of our BeTogether interchangeable bands including ironwood, bloodwood, ashwood, black zirconium, hammered black zirconium, hammered cobalt, treebark cobalt, 14k rose gold, and 14k yellow gold. If you buy the set we’ll even customize the wood base with your name and wedding date!

That says silverWEAR, right? She’ll love a highly wearable piece from our collection of fine silver and gemstone fashion jewelry by HERA. Doublet rings, layering necklaces, earrings, and rings – many of which draw their inspiration from the beauty of the peacock which symbolizes protection and guidance for the mythological Greek Goddess Hera, the Guardian of Love. How’s THAT for anniversary symbolism?

Show her she’s the queen of your castle with an anniversary band from our BeRoyal Collection featuring blue sapphire! For him, try sapphire in the form of a high quality, scratch resistant sapphire crystal watch face by Shinola, Citizen, or Movado Bold.

Sixth Anniversary Gifts: Candy/Iron, Wood, Amethyst

She’ll appreciate candy in the form of chocolate… Chocolate Diamonds™ that is! Le Vian has you covered with a wide assortment of styles  – try something from their Ocean Wave™ or Sinuous Swirls™ Collections. Oh, and whaddya know? Le Vian also happens to offer pieces with their spectacular Grape Amethyst™ ! More amethyst options can be found in our BeColorful Collection.

Seventh Anniversary Gifts: Copper, Desk Set, Onyx

If you know your metals, you know that rose gold is made by mixing yellow gold with copper. Since Copper is the traditional gift for Lucky Year Seven, we’re gonna say that anything rose gold fits the bill! Maybe an updated rose gold wedding band is the ticket for him. Or a nice Shinola watch with a rose gold case? For her we recommend anything by Bronzallure – jewelry made in Milan with a heavy duty 18KT rose gold plating. Maybe these sexy tassel earrings or a knot bracelet!

Eighth Anniversary Gifts: Bronze, Linens/lace, Tourmaline

Does the color pink capture the spirit of your marriage? How about yellow? Red? Blue? Green? You don’t have to decide with tourmaline. This “chameleon” of wedding anniversary gemstones comes in almost every color. The word tourmaline is derived from the Sinhalese word “turmali,” which means “mixed colors.” Wearing tourmaline is believed to bring strength – what better gift for a wedding anniversary? This amazingly beautiful pendant from Simon G. makes us feel all kinds of h2 

Ninth Year Anniversary Gifts: Pottery, Leather, Lapis lazuli

Leather shows up again in year nine as the “modern” gift, so keep in mind leather watch straps and fun woven leather bracelets from PANDORA. Lapis lazuli is the chosen gemstone for year nine, but feel free to interpret this as any gem with a deep shade of blue – sapphire, tanzanite, and topaz. The HERA “Raya” Two-Tone Gemstone Ring is one of our favorite deep blue pieces!

Tenth Anniversary Gifts: Tin/Aluminum and Diamond!

Hmmmm… aluminum or diamond… we’re gonna say… DIAMOND. You should probably avoid giving aluminum to your spouse on your 10 year unless it’s a restored and tricked out Airstream trailer ready for a 2 week glampcation.

What could be a better 10 year anniversary gift than a Perfectly Cut Diamond®? Let the fire that’s in your heart sparkle on her finger with an anniversary band from Hearts On Fire® HOF offers many choices for you to gift a fitting symbol of your love. From perfect pendants like the “Triplicity” 18k Yellow Gold Diamond Necklace to dazzling earrings like the “Fulfillment” 18k White Gold Diamond Halo Stud Earrings, HOF has something for everyone.

And for diamonds that have a positive impact on the earth and communities that mine them, look no further than Forevermark®.  The rare, beautiful, and responsibly sourced diamond in this gorgeous modern pendant would be a perfect way to symbolize your ten years together.

And stay tuned… we have an amazing new diamond product for gents launching soon!