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A Diamond Studded Weekend Starts Thursday!

Join the Real Diamond Experts at Bremer Jewelry for a Diamond Studded Weekend!

What’s a Diamond Studded Weekend? We’re so glad you asked! We will have savings of between 20-50% off diamond jewelry, over 200 pairs of diamond studs (in each location), 24-month financing*, free gift with purchase, and the opportunity to trade UP no matter where or when you purchased your studs!

Our Diamond Studded Weekend is the BEST time to treat yourself or someone you love to dazzling diamonds… in the form of stud earrings (our showcase will feature over 200 pairs of diamond studs to choose from ranging in size, color, shape)…

… and a selection of other diamond jewelry

Sneak peak! This gorgeous Pleve diamond necklace and many other styles will be on sale during our special Diamond Studded Weekend!

… all at amazing discounts of up to 50% off! We will also be featuring our special 24-Month Financing* AND a special Gift With Purchase** for the first 25 guests at each of our locations.

Our Diamond Studded Weekend is also the perfect opportunity to TRADE UP*** your existing diamond stud earrings (even if you didn’t buy them from us) and GO BIG!


  1. Due to the minimalist settings of diamond studs, carat weight is very important. There is no way to “hide” a smaller carat weight with side diamonds or other embellishment.
  2. Keep in mind that the “total carat weight” listed is the carat weight for the two studs combined, not each stud.
  3. Color and clarity aren’t necessarily as important in diamonds studs as they would be with an engagement ring. Studs are often hidden by hair and most people aren’t going to stick their face in your ear to inspect your earrings! Small inclusions and even some tiny external flaws will not be as visible on an earring. You can also get away with a lower color grade, depending on your skin tone and hair color.
  4. If possible, don’t sacrifice on the cut of diamond studs. While some inclusions and lower color quality won’t be detected, their SPARKLE will be noticed and the better the cut, the more sparkle you’ll get!
  5. Try them on. Everyone’s earlobes and piercings are different and various setting styles will wear differently from person to person. Try them on and make sure they balance correctly on your earlobe and face forward properly. The last thing you want is a droopy diamond stud!
  6. Check the backs. Earrings are hands-down the most frequently lost type of jewelry. To help prevent the loss of valuable diamond studs, check to make sure the backs fit securely. If you are concerned about the diamond studs falling out, screw backs or locking backs are the best option.
  7. If you’re trading up, try to at least “double up.” Going up to the next carat weight size often doesn’t increase the mm size of the studs enough to be noticeable. This is because the carat weight is divided into two stones (as mentioned above). So if you’re going up 8 Points More (.25 CT –> .33 CT), that’s only 4 points difference each per ear and that’s normally not enough for the eye to detect.

*If approved, with 30% down **Gift With Purchase awarded to the first 25 purchasers at each Bremer location. No minimum purchase required. Not valid with prior purchases. No substitutions. Not redeemable for cash or discounts. Return of diamond merchandise accepted only with the return of the free item, otherwise the original retail value of the free item ($120) will be deducted from the amount of the return. ***See store associate for details.