It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement and beauty of engagement ring shopping. With seemingly endless sources of digital inspiration, a world of gemstones and metals, and an industry full of talented artisans, the world is your oyster!

Keep in mind, however, that your ring will be YOUR ring and will become a part of your everyday life.  While ultimately the ring you fall in love with will likely be the one you stick with (much like your man), pause for a moment before making your final decision and consider how the ring will fit in with your lifestyle.

Professional Image

There are jobs where it’s beneficial to wear a ring that reflects your creative spirit and dramatic style.  A position in sales, fashion, design, real estate, etc  may welcome an engagement ring that is particularly distinctive with a dazzling diamond. Larger stones, fancy shapes, and dramatic styling may be a good fit!

Hearts On Fire “Beloved” 18k White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring (BSMC05256) – $8,900

For some professions, subtlety may be more appropriate. Police officers, social workers, security guards,  etc might want to avoid big, dazzling diamonds and opt instead for a ring with multiple smaller diamonds. If you have your heart set on the big diamond, it may be practical to purchase an additional, more subtle ring that you feel more comfortable wearing to work.

Hearts On Fire “Lorelei Floral” 18k White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring (BSMC05354) – $5,700

Wear and Tear

Other professions are no place for a delicate, high profile engagement ring. If you work with your hands in a demanding environment (factory worker, machinist, mechanic, chef, firefighter, etc) you may want to avoid stones that are set high on the ring as they will receive knocks or catch on things while you’re working.

Along the same lines, sports and fitness buffs will want to consider a sturdier metal such as platinum that is less likely to scratch against equipment. Again, if you want the big, design-heavy ring, you’ll probably want to supplement with a more durable, low-profile ring for work.

Silicone bands are a great stand-in for your precious metal and gemstone rings when you are on the job or working out! Shown here in pink (BWBAL00174) – $14 and gray (BWBAL00117) – $14

If your lifestyle is on the rough-and-tumble side, you’ll want carefully consider your center stone choice. While diamond is the hardest and the most popular stone, alternative engagement gemstones are becoming more popular. Check our article on The Four Most Popular Engagement Gemstones to see how they compare in terms of durability.


Teachers, childcare providers, physicians, athletes, etc should wear rings that do not have sharp or scratchy edges. The last thing you want to do is inadvertently scratch someone with your engagement ring! Bezel set center diamonds and channel set side stones are the safest bet if you want to wear your ring to work.

Simon G 18k White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring Setting (ZSIM00161) – $1,980


If your work or favorite pastime finds your hands dirty on a daily basis (gardening, sculpting, baking, painting), you may want to choose a ring that can be easily cleaned. Avoid extensive engraving, milgrain, and intricate designs that will harbor grime.

Also remember that the more often you clean your white gold ring, the more often you’ll need to have your jewelry reapply its rhodium plating to keep it looking it’s best!  If you choose an alternative, non-diamond gemstone, pay attention to any special cleaning requirements it may have. Some gemstones do not tolerate heat and ultrasonic cleaning as well as others.

A.JAFFE “Metropolitan” 14k White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring Setting (ZJAFF00279) – $1,360


All this being said, your engagement ring is first and foremost a symbol of love and commitment. Whatever your job or lifestyle, whatever size or style ring you choose, remember that the promise is what’s most important♥