Up until now, it’s been all about HER. But now that she’s said, “YES” to the popped question… it’s about the two of you. Both the bride and groom will be immersed in the decisions – and stress – of planning a wedding. Amongst all these decisions, Bremer Jewelry believes that your wedding band is the most important. You need choose the wedding ring that you will feel comfortable wearing for the rest of your life. Remember that the the tux, the flowers, the limo, etc. will be for just one day. The ring you buy will be worn 365 days a year and should look AND feel great throughout your life. Make sure you get what you WANT. If you want the durability of platinum, go for it. It may cost a bit more, but it’s the only thing that you will actually get to keep from your wedding day.

We have a variety of men’s wedding bands that vary from simple to edgy to stunning. When you’re ready to choose your wedding ring, Bremer Jewelry is here to make sure you find something you love regardless of what it’s crafted from.


When it comes to the bride’s wedding band, you have two choices. You can select the wedding band that was made to fit her engagement ring or you can do something different and complimentary that makes a statement! Most of the engagement rings at Bremer Jewelry have a perfect matching wedding band. But some brides want to go off the beaten path and select something different… we say, “go for it!”. There is no right or wrong, just your perfect wedding band. The only suggestion we make is to select a band that matches the metal content of your engagement ring. They will wear best over time if they are made of the same material.
The other decision to make is whether or not you want your wedding band soldered (melted) together into one ring. Some brides may want to do this for several reasons: you only have to insure one ring, it protects your side diamonds and wears better over time, and it tends to fit better on your finger. Other brides like to keep them separate for several reasons: you can switch up the order (especially if you have more than one band) based on your mood and you can wear ONLY your wedding band if traveling or being active.


BREMER TIP: Purchasing the engagement ring and wedding band at one time is really great for a lot of reasons. One, they are guaranteed to match perfectly in design and quality. Two, you already checked an item off the wedding planning list. And three, it is usually more affordable to purchase both at once… Especially when using our special financing options. And when the big day arrives, our in-house goldsmiths will handcraft those two rings to become one!