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Wedding rings are daily reminders of the promises you made on the best day of your life.

We know that planning your wedding is one of the most special (and hectic) times of your new life together. No matter how simple or elaborate the day is going to be, we know that your to-do list is long and it can be easy to forget things.  Make sure you remember to order your wedding bands in plenty of time for the big day!

Engagement rings symbolize the formal agreement to get married. Wedding bands, however, represent the promises you make to each other on your wedding day. The flowers will fade, the cake will be eaten, and the dress packed away, but your wedding bands will continue to shine as symbols of your commitment to each other.

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Regardless of your style or occasion, Bremer Jewelry has a beautiful gift in your price range. If you don’t see an item at the price you need, feel free to contact us as not every item in our stores is listed on our website.



  1. It’s easy to wait until the last minute to start looking for your wedding bands but it is best to give yourself about two to four months. This time will allow for “un-rushed” shopping, ordering and shipping of a designer wedding band, or the creation of a totally custom ring by one of our talented goldsmiths. Bremer Jewelry has hundreds of gents’ and ladies’ wedding bands to choose from in a variety of metals, styles, widths, textures, and price ranges.
  2. THINKING ABOUT CUSTOM? If you have a unique engagement ring design and are having trouble finding a band that fits, our on-site goldsmiths at Bremer Jewelry can design a wedding band that is as one-of-a-kind as the love you share.
  3. Purchasing the engagement ring and wedding band at one time is really great for a lot of reasons.
    • One, they are guaranteed to match perfectly in design and quality.
    • Two, you already checked an item off the wedding planning list.
    • And three, it is usually more affordable to purchase both at once as diamond and gold prices only seem to go up! It’s also easier to purchase all three when using our special financing options. And when the big day arrives, our in-house goldsmiths will handcraft those two rings to become one!