Talk about a revival… rose gold is back with a sweet vengeance. And we just can’t get enough of that romantic warm glow! It’s no secret that rose gold is a hot trend right now with its feminine flair and soft look.


How did they even come up with rose gold? Because pure gold (24 karat gold) is too soft for jewelry, the craftsmen and designers mix different metal alloys with pure gold to create different colors of wearable gold. The three most popular color choices include yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold.


And just how do they make that perfect rosy tone? Just like there is no such thing as naturally occurring white gold, rose gold is the same. It’s made by adding copper to molten gold. In general, the more copper in the mix, the “redder” the ring will be. Different designers experiment in search of the perfect combination to make their own special blends of that gorgeous rosy blush.


Our designer Simon G. has a more vibrant orange-tinted rose gold, while our BeLoved by Bremer collection features a cool pink tint. Browse our rose gold engagement rings or rose gold wedding bands to find your favorite style. Keep in mind that most every jewelry style you find on our site can be customized and special ordered in any color or combination of gold colors that you prefer!


We love rose gold not only for it’s swoon-worthy hue, but also for it’s strength and maintenance. Because rose gold is alloyed with copper, it makes the metal more durable than yellow or white gold. Unlike white gold that needs a rhodium plating every once in a while, rose gold is the same color all the way through with no plating at all. That means that if you get a scratch or ding in your ring, we can buff it out while you wait at no charge without having to worry about reapplying any kind of plating.


Rose gold’s low maintenance makes it a great choice for your groom-to-be as well! While you don’t have to match your wedding rings to each other, how cool would it be if he had a flash of rose in his ring to compliment yours?


Maybe rose gold still isn’t quite your thing… learn more about our other metal options!