Ring Types

So it’s time to shop for an engagement ring. Hopefully, you’ve been finding lots of helpful information on our site so far. This page is where we talk about engagement ring “types”. We’ve narrowed it down to make it easier for you: solitaires, three-stones, side stones, halos, wedding sets, and promise rings. Click on the images below to learn about the pros and cons of each engagement ring type. From there you can browse rings of that particular type.



One single, sparkling diamond. The solitaire is a classic and will never go out of style. The diamond solitaire engagement ring showcases a single diamond in any one of a variety of settings in a wide range of metal settings, including platinum and gold. They continue to be the most popular choice for engagement rings around the world. They’re perfect for women who appreciate understated, classic style but still want to make a bold statement. The solitaire engagement ring can still be as unique as you are, as it accommodates nearly all sizes and shapes of center stones.


Three Stone

If you’re thinking about choosing an engagement ring that’s a bit more unusual than the typical diamond solitaire, the three-stone ring is a great option. The three-stone ring can hold more and different meaning than the traditional solitaire, and has the ability to tell a story. A celebration of your romantic journey, a three stone ring represents your past, present and future together. Honor her with three magnificent diamonds sparkling in a unique setting in a metal of your choice.


Side Stones

You will find the largest selection of engagement rings falls under the “sidestone” category. This ring type offers a great opportunity to express your creativity and uniqueness. With an exquisite diamond center stone as its focus, an engagement ring with additional smaller accent diamonds in the setting creates a special look. It makes wedding band shopping easy because most of these rings come with matching wedding bands.



A ring of diamonds surrounding a center stone. This setting gets its name from the fact that it allows the center stone to appear larger and gives the center diamond a heavenly halo effect. While bigger and bolder than a classic solitaire, this style is currently trending and completely of the moment. A high-carat center diamond looks enormous in a halo setting. And a quarter-, third- or half-carat diamond can look as much as a half a carat larger. Halo settings can be round or squared off on the sides and can be used on any center stone shape. This style selection is perfect for the couple that wants to focus on the diamond quality but still wants a large look.


Wedding Set

Purchasing the engagement ring and wedding band at one time is really great for a lot of reasons. One, they are guaranteed to match perfectly in design and quality. Two, you already checked an item off the wedding planning list. And three, it is usually more affordable to purchase both at once… Especially when using our special financing options. And when the big day arrives, our in-house goldsmiths will handcraft those two rings to become one!


Promise Ring

If your relationship is everything you’ve ever hoped for, but wedding bells and building a life together are still a few years away, a Promise Ring will let her know how you really feel. Many couples exchange promise rings to profess their future intentions of marriage. For this occasion, choosing an inexpensive ring that works for your proposal doesn’t require you to make a nerve-racking purchase. As soon as you rise from bended knee, let her know that this ring is just a placeholder. You want to pick out her dream ring together. It’s a guarantee she’ll treasure that promise ring, even if it’s more modest than her engagement ring, for the rest of her life. Whether you’ve promised to love each other despite circumstances that make marriage right now unlikely or want to show your commitment to taking your relationship to a higher level, promise rings allow you to do so with style and symbolism.