Ring Styles

Selecting your bride-to-be’s diamond can be a bit technical. However, when it comes to choosing the engagement ring setting, that’s all style. And, as you now, every girl has their own personal style.

Not sure what hers is?

One way to identify her jewelry style is to analyze her style preferences in other areas of her life — from what she wears to how she decorates! No matter her style, Bremer Jewelry will help you find the perfect engagement ring for your budget.

One of our most classic styles shown here is a stunning oval diamond engagement ring setting (style BSM20180) in white gold from designer, A.JAFFE delicately finished with a diamond halo.

The Classic Girl.

  • She is… Traditional, polished. Loves quiet evenings with family and friends sipping on a great glass of wine. Enjoys entertaining and makes it look easy. The basic black dress is a no-brainer, (which is why she has four) one for every season
  • Her favorite local hot spots: Biaggi’s. Destihl. Baxter’s. Jonah’s and The Oyster Bar. TWO25.
  • Her favorite colors: Neutral color tones; blacks, whites, creams, browns, navy, earth tones.
  • You might find these brands in her closet: Lexus. Cadillac. Mercedes. Chanel. Louis Vuitton. Nine West. Ethan Allen. Estee Lauder. Clinique.
  • Of course she has celebrity twins: Jennifer Aniston. Kate Middleton. Audrey Hepburn. Reese Witherspoon. Carrie Underwood.
  • Dream wedding: Formal, family-friendly event hosted at a country club or grand ballroom that follows all the traditions.
Vintage styles are making a comeback and none are more loved than this yellow gold beauty from Simon G. (style BSM17657) with delicate scrollwork and heirloom-inspired milgrain.

The Vintage Girl.

  • She… loves all things floral with soft colors and lace. Some might call it “shabby chic:. Inspired by old movies, antique shopping, and anything nostalgic.
  • A perfect evening is straight out of her favorite romance novel, a homemade picnic with local ingredients at sunset. There’s no such thing as too romantic for this girl.
  • Her favorite local hot spots: Café Italia. Maggie Miley’s. Sugar Woodfire Pizzas. Kellaher’s. One World.
  • Favorite Colors: Pastels, all shades of white and pink, anything soft and ambient.
  • Brands she might love: Betsy Johnson. Ann Taylor. Valentino. Coach. Volkswagon. Toyota Prius. Pier 1. Tarte. Almay.
  • Celebrity Spirit Sisters: Taylor Swift. Kate Winslet. Anne Hathaway. Rachel McAdams. Michelle Williams. Zooey Deschanel.
  • Her Dream Wedding: In her mother’s lace wedding dress, surrounded by close family, in the middle of a blooming botanical garden with a pies and doughnuts for dessert!
Edgy in design yet stunning to the eye, this hexagonal diamond engagement ring from Hearts On Fire is sure to wow even the most modern bride (style BSMC10264)

The Modern Girl.

  • That girl… takes “classic” to the next level. A risk-taker not only with fashion, but with her heart. Spontaneous, up for anything. Loves going out to the newest spot in town to listen to live music and order her signature drink.
  • She loves them all but some “got-to” local spots: Medici. Noir. Thyme. Anju Above. V Picasso.
  • Favorite Colors: Loves bright bold colors and looks good in every shade of the rainbow. Whatever is hot, she’s got it!
  • Brands she rocks: Porsche. Mazda. Versace. Vince Camuto. Givenchy. IKEA. Crate&Barrel. Tory Birch. MAC. Urban Decay.
  • Celebrity Inspirations: Beyonce. Angelina Jolie. Rihanna. Fergie. Mila Kunis. Katy Perry.
  • Dream Wedding: On the beach, at the museum, quick flight to Vegas… anything unexpected!