It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the deluge of diamond information available on the internet. To help you know what’s important, we’ve narrowed it all down to a manageable list of essential questions to ask when shopping for your diamond.

Whether you’re shopping at a brick and mortar jewelry store or online, the retailer should be able to give clear answers to each and every one of these questions. If they can’t, you might want to move on to the next seller!

Do you know where this diamond came from? Was it was responsibly sourced?

How long have you been working in the jewelry industry?

Tell me about the cut of this diamond. What makes it unique?

How does the cut of this diamond compare to Hearts On Fire?

Who selects and grades your diamonds? Are they certified?

 Is your service/repair work done on site or is it sent out? What services do you offer?

What are your hours? Are you open on the weekend?

 Do you include/sell a warranty? If so, what does it cover and what is required?

How do I know you are concerned about me beyond this one sale? 

Online shopping caveat:

Unless you’ve seen the diamond in person, you won’t be able to assess it’s subjective qualities and compare it to other diamonds of the same grade under the same light at the same magnification.

For example, the diamonds below are all have “I” color and SI1 clarity on their lab reports. Do you see a difference?