Questions to Ask When Shopping for a Diamond


With all kinds of diamond information sweeping the web, we want to make sure we give you a list of questions to answer when shopping for your diamond engagement ring.

Whether it’s shopping with other local jewelers or shopping the web, make sure you take these questions into consideration.

  • Where did this diamond come from? How do you know?
  • What is the difference in the way this diamond is sourced compared to Forevermark diamonds?
  • How can you guarantee that this diamond is responsibly sourced?
  • What makes this diamond any more special than the rest?
  • How long have you been working in the jewelry industry?
  • I did some research online, but tell me about the cut of this diamond.
  • How does the cut of this diamond compare to Hearts On Fire?
  • Are your diamonds graded and certified? Is that before or after you receive them in your store?
  • Who selects and grades your diamonds?
  • Is your service and repair work done on site or do you ship it off somewhere?
  • Are you open seven days a week to help me when I need it?
  • What other services can you offer me besides loose diamonds?
  • (If they are either selling you or giving you a warranty) What does it include and what is the fine print involved?
  • How do I know that you are concerned about me beyond this sale? How are they making you feel?
  • Online shoppers! Unless you know how the diamond looks in person, you can never really fully grasp its value.