Never underestimate the feel good power of an awesome watch. A classic timepiece can be passed down through generations. Good news for you, Bremer Jewelry has a variety of watches to suit any style and budget. From the prestigious Tag Heuer to the American chic Shinola, you’ll always be on time and in style. Perfect for celebrating graduations, promotions, anniversaries, or anything moment worth keeping frozen in time!

Watch shopping can be a bit technical, but our experts can walk you through the mechanics of each and every timepiece decorating our stores. A little vocabulary lesson might help you out when browsing our watch collection:

Face – The focal point of the watch that showcases the numbers or markers and hands, telling you the time.

Bracelet/Strap – The metal, leather, or rubber material that holds the watch to your wrist.

Crown – A button on the outside of the watch case used to set the time and calendar by twisting or turning. On mechanical watches, it is also used to wind the mainspring.

Crystal – Made of glass, plastic or synthetic Sapphire, the crystal is a transparent cover that protects the watch dial and reduces glare.

Watch Movement – The internal mechanism that powers the watch. There are countless different movements, all of which fall into two categories: Quartz or Mechanical.

SPECIAL NOTE: Because of the fast-turning pace of our watches and the fact that we usually only get quantity 1 or 2 of each style, we have chosen not to display them on our website. With styles discontinuing frequently and watches being sold everyday, we would hate to disappoint a customer by displaying a watch on our website that we no longer had in store or could no longer get from the designer.

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