Earrings are an essential part of almost every woman’s jewelry wardrobe. They complete a look and frame a face. When selecting earrings, metal color and gemstone color can be quite important since they are worn so close to the eyes and hair. Make sure to always keep your earrings clean and stay away from nickel (don’t worry, there’s none here).


Diamond – Diamond earrings are any type of earring that glitters with diamonds of any shape or color.

Colored Gemstone – Gemstone earrings are any type of earring sparkling in precious or semi-precious gemstones of any color.

Pearl – Pearl earrings are any type of earring that features luxurious pearls.

Plain – Plain earrings are any type of earring void of stones. They just show off that shiny metal.


Dangle – Dangle earrings are any earring that extends below the earlobe. They usually have lots of movement and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Hoop – Hoop earrings are a fun style that circles the earlobe from front to back leaving a circle of sparkle and shine for all to see!

Stud – Stud earrings are the most classic style. A stud is a simple earring with nothing dropping below the earlobe.


Halo – Since the halo design is so popular, we wanted to make sure you could easily find any earrings that feature halos!

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