So many bracelets and only two wrists! (Don’t worry, stacking is IN right now) There’s a lot of bracelet designs out there. How will you find just the right one? At Bremer Jewelry, we have dozens of fun bracelets to choose from. We categorize our bracelets into a couple different categories:


Diamond – Diamond bracelets are any shaped bracelet that glitters with diamonds of any shape or color.

Colored Gemstone – Gemstone bracelets are any shaped bracelet sparkling in precious or semi-precious gemstones of any color.

Pearl – Pearl bracelets are any shaped bracelet that features luxurious pearls.

Plain – Plain bracelets are any shaped bracelet void of stones. They just show off that shiny metal.


Bangle – Bangle bracelets are circular or oval in shape. These bracelets are not flexible. They can have a clasp or hinge, but most do not. They keep their shape and are usually worn stacked.

Line – Line bracelets are always clasped and drape flat over the wrist. They are flexible.


Charm – Charm bracelets can be any type above but are constructed to hold a variety of charms that can be bought separately.

Halo – Since the halo design is so popular, we wanted to make sure you could easily find any bracelets that feature halos!

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