Meet the Gemologist

Bremer Jewelry has one of the only American Gem Society accredited Gemological Laboratories in Central Illinois. It takes specific tools and equipment to achieve this prestigious designation.

Nathan Wright is not only a Graduate Jeweler Gemologist, he also holds the distinction of being a Certified Gemologist Appraiser. This title is the highest designation within the American Gem Society. He passed his 2017 AGS Re-certification with a 100%, joining the “AGS Honor Roll” group made up of only 12% of the participants to achieve the perfect grade.

We asked him why he loves his job… “Every day, I get to work with a team that has the same end result in mind. If you need a hand, opinion, or idea, there’s always someone there to listen and help create results.”

Jewelry Appraisals

When you bring your jewelry in, our team will evaluate each piece in front of you to make recommendations on what pieces we believe need an appraisal:

  • We then take images of each piece and attach it to a “job” in our computer system.
  • The jewelry then gets packaged securely in baggies, pouches, and protective paper (if necessary) and transferred to our vault where it is kept locked up until it’s time for the appraiser to start his work.
  • Nathan (our gemologist and diamond buyer) will then remove it from the vault, do a full professional cleaning and inspection, take additional photos, and complete the appraisal.
  • Our service team will then double check his work and call you once everything is in order.
  • Each appraisal will come with an official cover letter from our American Gemological Society Gem Lab with Nathan’s signature, a list of recommended questions to ask your insurer, a full description with specs and photos of each piece, and an extra copy of everything for your personal records.
  • When you come to pick everything up, we can take as much time as you want going through the documents. Then after you pay, you will get a receipt for the charges as well.

Diamond testing is done by specific equipment by a trained professional.

Gemstones are many and varied. It takes a skilled gemologist to be able to identify colored gemstones. Utilizing the latest in gemological equipment our staff is able to provide accurate results.

Providing the appropriate documentation is paramount for accurate insurance, estate and selling evaluations.

Gold & Jewelry Buying


As a member of Preffered Jewelers International and an official registered American Gem Society retailer, Bremer Jewelry is who you can trust when it comes to selling your jewelry. You can make a little extra cash or turn that old jewelry into new jewelry and have peace of mind that you got one of the best deals in Central Illinois. As a matter of fact, Bremer Jewelry was awarded the Better Business Bureau’s “Truth in Advertising Award” That’s someone you can trust. You can be assured that the price is fair and honest if you sell your old scrap gold at Bremer Jewelry.

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