An edgy engagement ring for the modern bride, or should we say a modern engagement ring for an edgy bride. Regardless... the family at Bremer Jewelry has dozens of modern style engagement rings for you to choose from in our Peoria jewelry store and our Bloomington jewelry store.

The Modern Girl

Bold. Unexpected. Cutting Edge.

Modern designs are fluid, sleek and eye catching. Adding a twist to the classic, these bold and distinctive rings are like sculpted pieces of fine art. The modern engagement ring respectfully builds on traditional ideas inspiring individuality. Resulting in arresting beauty that is entirely unforgettable.

  • That girl… takes “classic” to the next level. A risk-taker not only with fashion, but with her heart. Spontaneous, up for anything. Loves going out to the newest spot in town to listen to live music and order her signature drink.
  • She loves them all but some “got-to” local spots: Medici. Noir. Thyme. Anju Above. V Picasso.
  • Favorite Colors: Loves bright bold colors and looks good in every shade of the rainbow. Whatever is hot, she’s got it!
  • Brands she rocks: Porsche. Mazda. Versace. Vince Camuto. Givenchy. IKEA. Crate&Barrel. Tory Birch. MAC. Urban Decay. Warby Parker.
  • Celebrity Inspirations: Beyonce. Angelina Jolie. Rihanna. Fergie. Mila Kunis. Katy Perry.
  • Dream Wedding: On the beach, at the museum, quick flight to Vegas… anything unexpected!

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