Find your perfect diamond engagement ring in Peoria or your perfect diamond engagement ring in Bloomington, IL.

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Now, selecting your bride-to-be’s diamond can be a bit technical. However, when it comes to choosing the engagement ring setting, that’s all style. And, as you know, every girl has their own personal style.

Not sure what hers is?

One way to identify her jewelry style is to look at her style preferences in other areas of her life — from what she wears to how she decorates! No matter her style, Bremer Jewelry will help you find the perfect engagement ring for your budget.

We make it pretty simple, with three styles to choose from: Classic, Vintage, or ModernClick on a style below to learn more about each.


One of our most classic styles shown here is a stunning oval diamond engagement ring setting (style BSM20180) in white gold from designer, A.JAFFE delicately finished with a diamond halo.


Vintage styles are making a comeback and none are more loved than this yellow gold beauty from Simon G. (style BSM17657) with delicate scrollwork and heirloom-inspired milgrain.


Edgy in design yet stunning to the eye, this hexagonal diamond engagement ring from Hearts On Fire is sure to wow even the most modern bride (style BSMC10264)

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