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You’ve found the woman of your dreams, the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with. Finding her may have been a long time coming, but we assure you… at Bremer Jewelry finding the perfect ring for her will be easy! Selecting an engagement ring can seem intimidating but you’re in the best hands.

Our family will take the time to get to know you, ask all the right questions, and teach you at a comfortable pace. What diamond shapes does she like? What is her personal style and how do we choose based on that? Does she prefer yellow or white metal? What does she do for a living? Our Jewelry Associates in Peoria and Bloomington-Normal will take all the time you need.

After all, this is the only gift you’ll ever give that will be worn everyday for the rest of your life, so take a few deep breaths and come have fun at Bremer Jewelry. Not sure where to start on the site? Try browsing by type, style, or just take a look through all the rings we’ve posted on our site so far.

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The ring she wants at the price you need: We recommend that you spend some quality time with your finances, understand your partner’s expectations, and get comfortable with the idea of spending money. Find out how we talk about budget in our Bremer family and discover some of your payment options.

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She will be wearing this beautiful ring for the rest of your amazing lives together. Sound exciting? Or a little scary? Take a deep breath because Bremer has your back. We have 3 basic styles to help navigate through our enormous selection of gorgeous engagement rings: Classic. Vintage. Modern. Identify her style and you’re one step closer to finding the perfect ring.