Comfort Fit

What is “Comfort Fit”? Don’t you want every ring to be comfortable? For first-time ring wearers, all rings are uncomfortable. Luckily, a comfort fit wedding band is particularly easy to wear. A ‘comfort fit’ ring is a ring that is crafted using extra metal to create a rounded interior (as opposed to a flat interior) where less metal touches the finger and creates a comfortable feel. Because of this domed interior, it also makes the ring easier for men to get on and off over their knuckle. Many wedding bands are available in a comfort-fit style, just ask one of the Bremer Jewelry sales associates while you’re shopping.

Flat Band

A “Flat Band” is a wedding band that is flat on top, with no domed shape. It creates hard edges and looks very structured. You can still have a flat design to the top of your ring and incorporate a comfort fit interior. See gentlemen? Didn’t think you’d have so many options, did you?

Ladies, you can have a smooth surface for your ring, too. Channel set wedding rings provde a flat surface perfect for an active lifestyle because there are no prongs to snag on clothes.



Diamonds aren’t just for the ladies! Although our most popular ladies’ styles feature diamonds, incorporating the precious stones into a man’s wedding band can make it an instant heirloom. Bremer Jewelry has bands that feature a variety of diamond styles, from a single gleaming diamond to a string of diamonds that wraps all the way around.


“Fancy” is a term used for a wedding band with a lot of detail. Fancy wedding bands can feature hand-engraving, unique textures, religious symbols, or feature accent diamonds and colored gemstones. This ring type is for the guy who wants something completely different, something that reflects his personality. Bremer Jewelry has wedding bands with crosses, official camouflage patterns, personalized tire tracks to match your beloved machine, and so much more!



Simple, timeless, and just like grandma and grandpa’s. Plain wedding bands are great for the couple who wants a classic and understated symbol of commitment. This type of band has no design element and focuses most on the type of metal.

Ring Wrap & Gaurds

If you’re looking for that unique enhancer to complement your engagement ring, try on a ring wrap (also called a guard). Bremer Jewelry has a special selection or ring wraps to inspire you perfect match for any engagement ring. They make a great alternative to traditional wedding and anniversary bands. Ring wraps add extra sparkle and character to your solitaire engagement ring, but need to be customized to fit your finger and engagement ring.


Colored Gemstones

Adding a touch of color to your wedding band is a great way to make it unique. You could add sapphires, rubies, or amethysts to commemorate your favorite color, your anniversary month stone, or the birthstone of a newborn baby. Color gemstone rings, when set in thin bands of platinum or gold, can be stacked and worn with or without a diamond engagement ring on the left hand.