Sizes and Sizing


Wedding band widths are measured in millimeters. For ladies the most popular widths range between two and four millimeters. For gentlemen’s wedding bands, the most popular widths range between six and eight millimeters. Keep in mind that the width of the wedding band is really based upon preference and style, and what you wish to wear. Thin and elegant or hefty and strong…both answers are right, as long as the ring is made properly and suits your taste.

We have some interesting facts that will help you understand how we determine a ring size:

  • Weather affects finger sizes. When it’s hot, fingers are generally more swollen. When it’s cold, or in an air conditioned environment, fingers are thinner.
  • If you are dehydrated, your body will swell. If a ring is ever stuck, try chugging an electrolyte drink and using some Windex on your finger.
  • Right and left hands can vary in size, so size the exact finger the ring will be worn on.
  • Adding millimeter thickness to a ring will make it fit tighter. Adding a wedding band will make the engagement ring feel a bit tighter.
  • Note that eternity rings (diamonds in a complete circle) cannot be sized after-the-fact and have to be ordered in the exact size to fit the finger.
  • Certain alternative metals cannot be sized either.