rolex watch pre-owned

Pre-Owned Rolex TImepieces

The Bremer family has found a way to make that dream come true without breaking the bank, with a pre-owned Rolex! Purchasing a pre-owned timepiece has a variety of benefits, not the least of which is the opportunity to place a coveted, prestigious timepiece on your wrist at a more affordable price. The most important caveat in buying a pre-owned watch is to know your seller, and Bremer stands by our industry partners and their dedication to quality.

Our pre-owned Rolex watches are hand selected to ensure that only the finest-quality Rolex timepieces become a part of its curated selection, which often includes those hard-to-find models in good condition.

First, the bracelet is removed and the style and serial numbers are recorded. The movement is then uncased, and its number is noted before being authenticated by technicians who are trained to work on luxury Swiss watches. The movement is completely disassembled and all parts are inspected for integrity. Each component is meticulously cleaned — not once, but three times — and anything not up to par is replaced.

The watchmaker then reassembles the movement and does a full service: he oils the gear train, winding mechanism, balance, bushings and mainspring, using recommended Rolex lubricants exclusively. The movement is then tested to verify the beat and to regulate timing. Next, it is tested for water resistance to recommended depth levels. Finally, the re-cased watch is set in an automatic winder, for visual timing confirmation over 48 hours, before re-attaching the bracelet.

Needless to say… they are like brand new!