For over 60 years, Honora has specialized in bringing the very best freshwater pearls to America.

They have become well known for having a high-quality, diverse, colorful, and affordable freshwater cultured pearl jewelry. Honora is the largest importer of freshwater pearls in the United States and focuses on the top 3-5% of the pearl harvest.

What is a “freshwater pearl”? These revolutionary pearls are over 90% pearl nacre and offer the widest array of pearl shapes as well as pearl colors.

Well then, what is a “cultured pearl”? The term “cultured pearls” is often misunderstood or misused, but the meaning is actually rather simple… a cultured pearl is any pearl product where man starts the pearl growth process.

When it comes to jewelry, Honora knows how to make a woman stand out! From natural pinks and peaches to our array of popular infused colors including cherry and navy blue, Honora has the perfect color for every pearl girl!