In Spring 2000, as the day faded to night, the fiery Milanese sun began to dip into the horizon. Rays of red light spread across the marble of the Duomo, suddenly adorned with unique soft pink and yellow hues. From that precise moment, the idea was born: to recreate that shade to unique and beautify any women’s allure.

In 2009 the Milan-based Atelier Bronzallure MILANO successfully patented a brand new blend. From years of passionate research, using the most advanced technology in association with Padua University, a new standard in jewelry was born: the Golden Rosé.

The thick 18KT rose gold plating pays its tribute to femininity, capturing unforgettable pink and gold hues. This is how the reminIscence of a typically Milanese sunset has turned into Bronzallure MILANO timeless style.