Hearts On Fire is The World's Most Perfectly Cut Diamond offering unique diamond engagement rings at Bremer Jewelry in Central Illinois with stores in Peoria and Bloomington

You know how much you love her. Now it’s time to show her – and the world – with a diamond engagement ring from Hearts On Fire.

The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond has perfect symmetry, perfect proportions, perfect polish, and perfect alignment. The result? Light performance that is simply unseen in other diamonds – incomparable sparkle and brilliance that you can truly see.

As light enters the diamond, it descends downward into the pavilion. A standard diamond with an inferior cut leaks light from the bottom and sides. Too deep or too shallow a cut, and the light that gives a diamond its brilliance is lost. Because of its perfectly symmetrical cut and increased surface area, a Hearts On Fire diamond captures that light and reflects it from the top, creating maximum brilliance and fire.

Hearts On Fire diamonds all boast a perfect ring of eight hearts on the bottom and a perfectly formed, symmetrical Fireburst® on the top that will outshine any other diamond. As a result, a Hearts On Fire diamond displays a perfection you can actually see. A perfection that stands alone.

With beautiful designs including classic solitaires, bold three-stones and modern halo or micro-pave designs, she’ll know that that you went the extra mile in choosing her engagement ring. Plus, we have an extensive selection of diamond wedding bands that complement any sense of style or personality.

When you purchase a Hearts On Fire diamond, you are buying The Most Perfectly Cut Diamond In The World®. And this is more than just a marketing claim – Hearts On Fire is the ONLY diamond brand in the entire world that can make this exclusive statement of perfection.

Signature Style: Modern and Classic