Christmas and Valentine’s Day are two popular holidays when couples get engaged. Many bask in the warm afterglow of the “pop-the-question” sparks and forget there are things to do. Bremer Jewelry is here with a post-engagement list of things to do.

Princess cut diamonds for a princess 

A Band for Her: Leading the list, of course, is selecting wedding bands. It’s smart to add this to the top of your post-engagement to-dos given it’s a budget item that is best addressed early on in the wedding planning stages instead of later – especially for custom-made bands. Young brides are opting more for fancy shaped diamonds. For maximum comfort, embrace the trend with a channel-set wedding band set with princess cut diamonds.

A channel-set diamond band for him 

Bling Band for Him: Give guys a little sparkle of their own. Today’s soon-to-be grooms were once stylish single guys. Keep the well-dressed momentum going with a diamond-set wedding band. Keep in mind boys will be boys. Channel-set diamonds keep gemstones secure and concealed from the situations men seem to get themselves into. Subtle design features like coin edging add that touch of class a guy can safely talk about without seeming too knowledgeable about jewelry.

Planning Time: With the jewelry stuff discussed, let’s get cracking on those wedding plans. The first question everyone will ask is, “what’s the date?” Grab a yearly planner, establish some possible dates, and once an approximate wedding date is settled on the next big calendar issue is the venue.

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When choosing a venue, openings for trendy locations may dictate the wedding date more than the couple’s desired season, month or even day. Think carefully about the venue location before working with vendors. The location is everything and will ultimately be the determining factor in subsequent big planning decisions.

The next big task item is setting a budget. Sit down with family members and hammer money matters out right away. This will determine your guest list invites and other important considerations. Next decide on your wedding party. Consider hiring a wedding consultant at this stage or establish a team of family and friend advisors, each helping with decisions in their “strength” areas, such as your music teacher brother who can hook you up with musically inclined friends for the ceremony.

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Now it’s time to book the venue. After this big to-do done, hire priority vendors (chief among them the catering company, the reception band and the photographer). Shop for dresses, rent the tuxes and you’re on your way to staying on task!

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