We are so excited to bring PANDORA Shine™ to Central Illinois*! This gorgeous new line features charms, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces crafted with precious metals–18k gold-plated sterling silver–at a price that’s right so you can treat yourself to something luxurious! As with all PANDORA jewelry, PANDORA Shine designs are hand-finished and finely crafted. Whether you SHINE in all yellow gold or pair this lovely hue with your existing silver and PANDORA Rose™, the result will be fabulous!
PANDORA Shine metal has rich, intense golden tones thanks to a thick outer layer  of precious 18k gold. The core of each jewelry piece is crafted from sterling silver, which is then plated with a layer of hypoallergenic palladium (a precious metal from the platinum family) to ensure durability before being encased in gold. All PANDORA Shine products carry the ALE maker’s mark.

PANDORA Shine™ My Princess Tiara Ring with clear CZ – $100


PANDORA Shine™ Hearts of PANDORA necklace (PDNE02687) – $200 and earrings (PDER05149) – $75


Evolving PANDORA’s affordable luxury offering with an even more accessible gold, the high-quality PANDORA Shine™ collection of 18k gold-plated sterling silver jewelry marks a new chapter in PANDORA. The metal is made with the same meticulous craftsmanship standards as other PANDORA metals and is brought to life with a combination of electroplating – a traditional artisan technique – and modern technology that sees a sterling silver core coated with palladium, before being topped with a final layer of deep, rich 18k gold.


One of the first precious metals known to humankind, gold has a history as rich and colorful as its luster. Regarded as regal and luxurious, gold is historically associated with the sun; a symbol of authority and immortality used by the ruling classes to demonstrate their power and position. Today gold is still prized for its beauty and is primarily used to create jewelry.


Maintain the shine by polishing jewelry with a soft polishing cloth. Wash gently in lukewarm, soapy water, patting jewelry gently with a soft cloth to dry. The use of silver dips, polishing liquids, ultrasonic cleaning and abrasive chemicals should be avoided. Limit contact with make-up, creams, perfumes and lotions, and remove jewelry prior to swimming, bathing and exercising. Handle with care and store pieces separately so they don’t scratch each other.
Gold plating and gold-filled jewelry are produced through two different processes. Gold-plated jewelry is created through electroplating, in which the layer of gold is plated on top of the sterling silver base utilizing an electric current. Gold-filled jewelry has a layer of solid gold mechanically bonded to the sterling silver base.
Yes – gold plating means that a layer of genuine gold has been coated on top of a different metal. PANDORA uses 18k gold plated on top of a base of sterling silver. Many other companies uses gold plating on a brass base resulting in a product that may be lower in price but also inferior in quality.
With proper care and maintenance, the plating will last a long time. However, it is impossible to put an exact time on this, as it depends on how the jewelry is worn and the care exhibited. Typically, jewelry pieces such as rings and charms are subjected to more wear and tear than earrings and necklaces, so the plating may naturally wear off faster on these items.

PANDORA Shine™ Moments Clasp Bracelet – $100 and Theodore Bear Charm (PDBD21709) – $55


Gold in itself is tarnish-resistant, so it will normally not tarnish unless the plated layer has been worn off and the metal beneath is exposed. Over time, you will experience a slight dulling of the golden hue on the PANDORA Shine jewelry pieces. This is the result of a natural process, as the metals in the gold alloy react with the compounds in the air.
*The PANDORA Shine™ Collection is currently only sold in our Peoria PANDORA boutique. See your nearest Bremer Jewelry location for more details.