It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the deluge of diamond information available on the internet. To help you know what’s important, we’ve narrowed it all down to a manageable list of essential questions to ask when shopping for your diamond engagement ring.

Whether you’re shopping at a brick and mortar jewelry store or online, the retailer should be able to give clear answers to each and every one of these questions. If they can’t, you might want to move on to the next seller!

1. Do you know where this diamond came from? Was it responsibly sourced?

At Bremer Jewelry, we make sure our customers receive conflict-free diamonds by only purchasing diamonds through professional members of the diamond trade, supporting contracts guaranteeing all our diamonds are responsibly sourced. To learn about how your diamond could help animal conservation or support women entrepreneurs, discover our selection of Forevermark Diamonds.

Henri Daussi white gold halo engagement ring with cushion cut center stone (BSMC12096) – $5,550

2. Is there anything about the cut of this diamond that makes it unique?

We often think of a diamond’s cut as shape (round, emerald, pear), but a diamond’s cut grade is really about how well a diamond’s facets interact with light as it enters and leaves the diamond. It is also the only factor of the diamond that is controlled by man. Color, clarity, and carat weight are all up to Mother Nature and the natural formation of the crystal.

Custom platinum engagement ring featuring a stunning, Perfectly Cut Hearts On Fire Diamond

3. Who selects and grades your diamonds? Do they have a lab report?

Bremer Jewelry has one of the only American Gem Society accredited Gemological Laboratories in Central Illinois. It takes specific tools and equipment to achieve this prestigious designation. Nathan Wright is not only a Graduate Jeweler Gemologist, he also holds the distinction of being a Certified Gemologist Appraiser. This title is the highest designation within the American Gem Society. For every 10 diamonds that Nate evaluates, only 1 makes it’s way into our cases. Because there is no global grading standard for diamonds, we don’t want you comparing apples and oranges… just apples to apples. That’s why having someone like Nate is so important.

Styles from top to bottom: BMTC05871, BSMC11536, BSMC11510, BSMC11585

4. Do you include a warranty? If so, what does it cover and what is required?

Fine jewelry is an investment – one that you’ll want to protect and take care of. In the case of a diamond engagement ring, it is one that will be worn often for many, many years to come. Doesn’t it make sense to purchase from a retailer who will stand behind that ring and help you maintain its beauty?

Bremer Jewelry warranties the quality and craftsmanship of your new engagement ring. We offer a free Lifetime Limited Warranty that is easily maintained by visiting either of our locations every six months to have your jewelry inspected and maintained. This inspection ensures your jewelry is protected and ready for everyday wear. While you’re here, we will clean your fine jewelry for free to keep it looking exceptional. Learn More>

Bremer Jewelry BeLoved Collection platinum marquise halo engagement ring setting (ZSRG00699) – $4,875

5. Is your service/repair work done on site or is it sent out somewhere? 

Our dedicated Service Department is committed to taking the utmost care in evaluating the stability and wear of your precious jewelry pieces. When repairs, resizing, or alternations are needed, we do it all in-house.  That’s right – Bremer jewelry is proud to say that we have four full-time bench jewelers to repair your beloved jewelry. No shipping to someone overseas or in a different state. Your precious pieces won’t be mailed off to a third party for repair or alteration – we do it all right here! And when it’s not being worked on, your jewelry stays safely locked in our vault. Learn more about what our Jewelry Design & Repair Services>

Simon G 18k Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Ring Setting (BSM23077) – $1,166

6. How do I know you are concerned about me beyond this one sale?

You hear it in our advertising, you see it on our website… but when we say “family”, we really mean it.  We care much more about WHY you’re here (your milestones, celebrations, and memories) than how much you spend. Bremer Jewelry is a locally owned and operated business concerned first and foremost with serving the community we live in. Whether it’s helping you find the perfect engagement ring, giving back to the community through local charities, or breathing new life into precious family heirloom jewelry, we get the most joy and satisfaction from seeing Central Illinois thrive and celebrate life’s joy!

Styles from left to right: BSMC11155, BSMC12112, BSMC11262, BSMC11221

7. Why shouldn’t I just purchase my diamond/ring online?

 Natural diamonds and gemstones are grown deep in Mother Earth’s belly over thousands of years under a wide variety of conditions. Their individual composition, combined with the cut chosen by the diamond cutter, results in unique, one-of-kind stones that truly need to be seen and compared in person. So, while it might be possible to window shop for a big ticket items like big screen televisions, cars, or appliances and then go find a better price online, this practice simply does not translate into the world of diamond and gemstones.

Bremer Jewelry will confidently put all of our tools at your disposal to help you find the perfect diamond or gemstone. When you shop with us, we will gladly teach you and  let you compare stones using our gemscope, loupe, color trays, scales, and Forevermark diamond inscription viewer.