The spectacular Le Vian® Pop-Up Shop is almost here so you had better brush up on your LeVianese! You most likely are familiar with Le Vian’s Chocolate Diamonds™, but did you know that Le Vian has trademarked vernacular for all of their gold and gemstones?

Le Vian 14K Strawberry Gold™ ring with Chocolate and Vanilla Diamond Swirls

CEO Eddie LeVian explains, “The language of food touches people in the old brain, which is more convinced by instincts than logic. By using the language of food, we’re trying to bring the business back to instincts…”

Using names derived from romance and sweet delectables creates a multi-sensory experience. While you are visually taken by the beauty of the metals and gems, the names invite you to conjure memories of taste and touch.

Rose gold – the beautiful combination of yellow gold and copper – is no longer just rose gold.  It’s Strawberry Gold™. White and yellow are given equal attention with their reinvented monikers: Vanilla Gold™ and Honey Gold™.

Scarlett Johansen love Le Vian. Source: Eddie LeVian’s Blog

When you start adding colored gemstones to these sweet foundations things get really fun! For, example, the multi-colored, pastel hues of the opal sound so much sweeter and wearable as Neopolitan Opal™. Green diopside is much more palatable as Pistachio Diopside™. YUM.

Le Vian 14k gold Strawberry Gold earrings with Neopolitan Opal™, Pistachio Diopside™, and Vanilla Diamonds™

Tanzanite typically comes in shades of blue to violet to purple. Le Vian has labeled their saturated purple-blue as Blueberry Tanzanite®, adding another sweet, juicy dimension to this luxurious ring:

Le Vian Bluberry Tanzanite™ Ring in 14kt Strawberry Gold with Vanilla Diamonds™

Topaz is no longer just Topaz. This appealing color evokes feelings of peaceful seaside retreat – why not conjure those beautiful images and call it Deep Sea Blue Topaz™?

Le Vian 14K Vanilla Gold™ necklace with Deep Sea Blue Topaz™, Chocolate and Vanilla Diamonds™

Nothing says summer like juicy berries that ripen in the warm sun. You can practically taste the sweetness of Le Vian’s Raspberry Rhodolite™ exploding on your tongue!

Le Vian “Fiery Red” 14k Strawberry Gold necklace with Raspberry Rhodolite™ and Chocolate and Vanilla Diamonds™

If green is your color, here is another savory taste of Pistachio Diopside™:

Le Vian 14k Rose Gold Necklace and Ring with Pistachio Diopside™ and Vanilla Diamonds™

All of the above are just a few examples from Le Vian’s expansive collection of delectable pieces. Find YOUR favorite gemstones below, learn their names in Le Vianese, and discover how Le Vian has incorporated them into over 1,000 One-Of-A-Kind and Limited Edition creations at Bremer Jewelry’s Le Vian Pop-Up Shop from 10am to 7pm on Wednesday, May 2nd(Bloomington) and Thursday, May 3 (Peoria)!