Bremer Jewelry is excited to announce our latest Forevermark® Collection: Tribute.™ The inspiration behind this collection lies in the indefatigable spirit of women.  Each gorgeous piece can be worn stacked or layered to reflect individual style and character. When combined, the look displays multiple diamonds, paying tribute to the many qualities that make women unique and incredible.

Perfect for symbolizing your own distinct traits, or for celebrating the many qualities of a woman you adore, the Forevermark Tribute Collection is only available at authorized Forevermark Jewelers – including Bremer Jewelry!

Who will you celebrate with Forevermark Tribute? Mothers, daughters, wives, sisters, friends, mentors… yourself. This collection is a perfect luxury to pay tribute to the important women in your life.

What qualities will you celebrate?

For Your Independence

Your strength and independence never cease to amaze. You strive to do more, learn more and explore more. You never let anything or anyone hold you back. You are your own unique person.

For Your Courage

You take on every challenge with fierce dedication and courage. Even in moments of vulnerability or failure, you are not afraid to try again. You wear your heart on your sleeve and put your all into everything.

Forevermark® Tribute Collection 18k white gold and diamond ring (1DIRG23358) – $1,660

For Your Determination

Even in the moments that may not come easy to you, you try to do your best. You inspire those close to you with your determination for life, for love and for happiness.

Forevermark® Tribute Collection 18k white gold and diamond dangle earrings (1DIER27904) – $3,198

For Your Playful Heart

You find passion in all that you do, with an inspiring energy for life and a smile that lights up any room.


Forevermark® Tribute Collection 18k yellow gold and diamond ring (1DIRG23218) – $1,398

For Your Guiding Hand

Whether it’s your family or friends, the love and tenderness that you have for others is unconditional and everlasting. You help where help is needed and this deep care and support inspires others to be the best that they can be.

Forevermark® Tribute Collection rose gold and diamond ring (1DIRG23200) – $1,498

For Your Spirit

You always try to look on the bright side. You admit your faults, but always trying to improve, turning your negatives into positives and making you the woman that you are today.

Forevermark® Tribute Collection 18k white gold diamond pendant (1DIPE52316) – $1,398

For the Way You Love

You love those close to you for who they are, making them feel like the only person in the room. The way you love is exceptional and extraordinary. Your love is constant and your love is Forever.

Forevermark® Tribute Collection 18k rose gold diamond ring (1DIRG23333) – $1,698

Forevermark® Tribute Collection white gold and diamond ring (1DIRG23267) – $1,598

Make your own Tribute with Forevermark’s Tribute™ Collection. Limited quantities available – shop soon for best selection!

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