We say it a lot, but it’s true. We care more about why you’re here than what you spend. And you know what? We’re pretty sure SHE feels the same way! So if you have the budget for a splurge gift this year – awesome. If you’re short on funds or you’ve agreed to save for something else – equally awesome. Whatever you spend on her gift, as long as it’s carefully considered and given out of honest celebration and love, she’s gonna LOVE IT.

With that in mind, here are some of our favorite Gifts for Her this year:

To Show Her You’ll Love Her Forever

Affirmation of love is important to everyone and what better way to say you’ll love her forever than the perfect, infinite circle of  a ring? Choose from a wide variety of anniversary bands and fashion rings to fit her style and personality:

ELLE “River” Sterling Silver Fashion Ring (FARG04916) – $60

ELLE “Essence” Two-Tone Fashion Ring (FARG08217) – $85

Try adding her favorite color or gemstones to match her eyes and she’ll know you gave it some extra thought!

Bremer Jewelry “BeLoved” 14k White Gold Emerald And Diamond Wedding Band (EMRG02552) – $1,295

Bremer Jewelry “BeColorful” 14k White Gold Garnet And Diamond Fashion Ring (GARG01161) – $425

Bremer Jewelry “BeColorful” 18k White Gold Sapphire And Diamond Fashion Ring (SARG06576) $695

Two stone styles continue to be some of our top sellers! One diamond for romance, one diamond for friendship. Two diamonds, two metals, one perfect gift. The representation of that unbreakable bond when you share this kind of love and friendship.

Bremer Jewelry “Two-Stone” 14k White Gold Diamond Fashion Ring (1DIRG19521) – $2,295

Bremer Jewelry “Two-Stone” Two-Tone Diamond Fashion Ring (1DIRG20081) – $995

Stacking rings from Forevermark’s Tribute® Collection are also gorgeous and help you celebrate her with a diamond for each of her best qualities:

Forevermark “Tribute” 18k Rose Gold Diamond Fashion Ring $798

Forevermark “Tribute” 18k Yellow Gold Diamond Fashion Ring (1DIRG23309) – $1,498

To Frame the Beauty of Her Smile

Earrings are the most eye-catching of all jewelry because, well, they are right there at eye-level! Whether you choose gold or silver, diamonds or cubic zirconia, the message is the same – you love her face and want her to know how beautiful you think she is!

ELLE “Essence” Two-Tone Earrings (FAER04532) – $55


Bremer Jewelry “BeColorful” 14k White Gold Peridot And Diamond Earrings (PEER00687) -$295


Bremer Jewelry “Basics” 10k White Gold Diamond Earrings (1DIER27789) – $1,295


Bremer Jewelry 14k White Gold Diamond Earring Climbers (1DIER27961) – $795

Hearts On Fire “Aerial Regal” 18k White Gold Diamond Earrings (1DIER27003) – $4,500

To Wear Next to Her Heart

If she wears necklaces, she’ll always be delighted to get another! Worn alone or layered together to create her own signature style, she’ll love that you chose something to wear close to her heart♥

Bremer Jewelry “Infinity” Sterling Silver Necklace (FAPE01919) – $45


ELLE “Paradise” Sterling Silver Necklace (FAPE02614) – $170


Bremer Jewelry “Two-Stone” 14k Rose Gold Diamond Necklace (1DIPE49205) – $695


Hearts On Fire “Aerial” 18k White Gold Diamond Necklace (1DIPE49601) – $6,750

To Adorn Her Wrist

Remind her of her strength, beauty, and wisdom with a beautiful token she can admire all day while she’s wearing it – a bracelet! We have a plethora of styles at many different prices. Here are some of our faves:

ELLE “Humanity” Sterling Silver Bracelet (FABR03267) – $60

Bremer Jewelry “Basics” 14k Rose Gold Diamond Bracelet (1DIBB02197) – $775

Forevermark Two-Tone Diamond Bracelet (1DIBB02650) – $1,795

Bremer Jewelry “Basics” 14k White Gold Diamond Bracelet (1DIBR12872) – $3,995

To Help Her Keep It All Together

Gals who wear jewelry looove to keep it organized and easy to find. Help her out with one of these great accessories from WOLF – she’ll love any of them!

Marrakesh leather travel case from WOLF (MISGF09145) – $49

Chloe leather travel portfolio from WOLF (MISGF09298) – $149


Chloe extra large leather jewelry box from WOLF (MISGF09038) – $599

♥♥Thank you for browsing our selection of “gifts for HER.” We hope you have a joy-filled holiday season, no matter how you choose to celebrate those you love!♥♥