Happy 2017 everyone! Who doesn’t love a good Top Five list? In writing this post we attempted to search for the top 5 “Top 5” lists and inadvertently opened an incursion loop, crashing servers throughout Central Illinois. Just kidding. But did you know there’s a website called “The Top 5 of Anything“? You can waste a lot of time there if you want OR you can stay here and check out Bremer Jewelry’s Top Five Engagement Rings of 2016! Who’s with us?! Here we go!
number-5-ring-of-2016 We’re keeping it simple at number five with the classic Bremer Jewelry “BeLoved” 14k White Gold Engagement Ring Setting. It’s no wonder this style made the top five. It’s timeless grace speaks to a minimalist sensibility and puts all the attention exactly where you want it – on that beautiful rock in the middle, the symbol of your devotion.


We have some halo action coming in at number four with the Bremer Jewelry “BeLoved” 14k White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring Setting. Everyone is loving halos lately and it’s easy to see why. That extra sparkle means, well, extra SPARKLE! This setting has the added benefit of diamonds along the band, which significantly increases the glam factor. The unique squared shape of the setting can hold the round or cushion cut stone of your choice!


Number three finds us with another solitaire… this time with benefits! The gorgeous, simple solitaire setting ensures that your carefully chosen center stone is the main attraction, while the diamond-lined band kicks things up a notch. The perfect setting for the girl who wants something simple, but, well, not THAT simple. Bremer Jewelry “BeLoved” 14k White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring Setting


What’s better than one halo? TWO halos! Further solidifying the popularity of the halo ring, we have our second place winner, this double halo, diamond-studded split shank beauty from our Bremer “Basics” collection. This baby is anything BUT basic!  Bremer Jewelry “Basics” 14k White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring


And that brings us to… drumroll please… our NUMBER ONE engagement ring of 2016! It surprises none of us that #1 comes from Hearts On Fire®. Doesn’t EVERY girl want the World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond™?! Add a halo of the World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamonds ™ and you’ve got a slam dunk, hole-in-one, home-run, touchdown, goooooooal… ok, you get the idea. Hearts On Fire “Beloved” 18k White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

We hope you enjoyed our Top Five Engagement Rings of 2016. We are excited to see which styles come out on top in 2017! Have a wonderful New Year, everyone!

Blog Posted: 9:00am January 1, 2017