There are so many fun new styles and trends this summer in the jewelry world! In this blog post we discuss our top three favorite trends and help you translate them into real life.

The Trend: Big and Bold

We’re seeing BIG and BOLD earrings and necklaces everywhere. While we love the audacity of this trend, it’s just slightly impractical for everyday life:


How To Wear It:

Our recommendation is to take things down a notch. You can still go bold without pulling your earlobes to the floor or injuring your kids when you bend over to pick them up! As you’re trying out these of the trendy over-sized styles, make sure they are comfortable. No matter how on-trend or cool something looks, if it’s not comfortable to wear, you won’t wear it and it will be money wasted.

Some of our favorite bold pieces for the summer come from Bronzallure! These new rose gold hoops are absolute perfection. They are big and chunky without being overwhelming. Believe it or not, they are LIGHT as a feather (you srsly won’t believe how light they are). Best of all they are extremely versatile and we see them transitioning beautifully into fall/winter.

Also from Bronzallure we strongly recommend this chunky cultured pearl necklace. With neutral shades of cream, blush, ivory, and rose gold, it too is super versatile. Bonus with this guy is that you also work in a bit of organic texture (another trending style) without looking too bohemian.

Our chunky Bronzallure knot bracelets remain one of our fashion faves.  These bracelets also carry a more substantial look and the signature Bronzallure plating has an amazing feel.

The Trend: Layered necklaces

Creative expression is one of the reasons we wear jewelry to begin with, so why not wear it in a way that truly shows your creative side? Mixing and layering necklaces is the perfect way to do this.

There are a couple popular approaches to this.  One is big and bold (see Trend #1 above!). The other is dainty. Since most of us won’t be traipsing around in the Central Illinois heat and humidity with 5 pounds of beads around our necks, we highly recommend the dainty version of layering for the summer:

How To Wear It:

The key here is varied chain length. Most necklaces these days are adjustable to some extent, which helps. If you find yourself with chain lengths that just aren’t playing nice for you, remember our service and repair department can magically make any chain any length you want it to be! Ok, it’s not really magic, but we have the skills and materials to get it done 🙂

Here are some of our favorite necklaces that would look totally ROCKIN’ as part of a layered ensemble:

Hearts On Fire 18k Yellow Gold Diamond Necklace (1DIPE49528) – $990

Bremer Jewelry 14k Rose Gold Diamond Necklace (FAPE05256) – $425

Bremer Jewelry Sterling Silver Diamond Pendant (1DIPE46466) – $125

Le Vian 14k Rose Gold Diamond Necklace (1DIPE50807) – $649

Forevermark 18k Yellow Gold Diamond Necklace (1DIPE50393) – $2,680

The Trend: Bold Color

We LOVE the bright colors that come with summer fashion! Color blocking, technicolor florals, neon stripes – we’re all over it.


How To Wear It:

Invest in a few chunky accessories in your favorite summer color and wear them with everything. Our favorite? Almost any shade of BLUE!  It’s been popping up throughout our collections and brings to mind the clear skies and water of a beach vacation.

HERA “Paradise” Sterling Silver Gemstone Necklace (FAPE10249) – $495 , HERA “Paradise” Sterling Silver Gemstone Earrings (FAER05942) – $495, HERA “Paradise” Two-Tone Gemstone and Diamond Fashion Ring – (FARG06424) $1,195

You’d be surprised at how versatile colored jewelry can be, especially in the summer when a little color competition is encouraged! The above set would look great accenting an LBD or earth tone top, but now imagine it paired with canary yellow or hot pink… so cute and so summery!

Don’t be afraid to jump on board with some of these summer trends! Interpret them in a way that works for you and your lifestyle and have a little fun expressing yourself.