Hello everyone! We have some very exciting news to share with you 🙂 You may remember the in-progress teaser post on our Peoria store’s Facebook page a few weeks ago:

Well THAT eyesore is now THIS:

A brand-spanking new PANDORA store within OUR store.  We call it the PANDORA “Shop In Shop”. Isn’t it just so pretty? Besides providing a beautiful atmosphere and fresh shopping experience, what does the Shop In Shop mean for YOU, the Central Illinois Pandora Lover? We’re glad you asked! It means:


PANDORA Rose® is now available at this location! This gorgeous product is EXCLUSIVE to PANDORA corporately owned stores and Shop In Shops ONLY. We are so, so happy to be able to bring it to Central Illinois! PANDORA Rose™ is a unique metal blend with a luminous and elegant color that profiles classic beauty and vintage appeal. The unique metal blend of PANDORA Rose™ consists mainly of copper and silver. In addition to this, the jewelry pieces are encased in a layer of 14k rose gold plating in order to prevent oxidation from occurring and to provide the pieces with a warm and romantic pink color.

More Product

With more space and more pretty storage comes MORE PRODUCT – YAY! When it comes to shiny, collectible lovelies like PANDORA, more is always better!

 The Same Lovable Bremer Family Faces

Yes, it’s a PANDORA “Shop In Shop”, but it’s still run by your favorite local and lovable Bremer Family. You may find some new faces as we add staff to meet the additional demand the Shop In Shop brings, but they’ll be part of the Family, too!

More Special Offers, Events, and Promotions!

Now that we are authorized to carry PANDORA Rose® and other exclusive sets and products, we will be able to bring you even MORE special offers, events and promotions! We typically notify our PANDORA customers of these events via email, so be sure to sign up below. There’s a big one coming up soon you won’t want to miss! Just click on the black JOIN button at the bottom of this page.

We hope to see you soon at the new PANDORA Shop In Shop at Bremer Jewelry in Peoria!