It’s been really hard to keep the lid on this one, but we can finally spill the beans… Bohème by Bremer is here!

What is Bohème by Bremer?

Our existing lineup of Bremer Bridal Collections (BeRoyal, BeLoved, BeTogether, and BeActive) has a well-rounded offering of precious and alternative metals (and silicone!) in an assortment of classic, modern, and vintage styles. Bohème by Bremer expands this offering to include non-traditional, upscale designs for men and women inspired by natural, organic elements. Every piece of Bohème is handcrafted from RECYCLED gold. Recycled = less mining = less pollution = happy planet!

Refined to remove impurities for the 18k gold, each piece is made from gold, zinc, copper, and palladium so you know EXACTLY what materials are inside your ring. This means this earth-friendly collection is nickle-free!

A unique rose cut diamond and recycled white gold engagement ring (BSMC10330), shown with rose gold (BWBDI17707) and yellow gold (BWBDI17715) Diamond Trio bands

Bohème bands and engagement rings are artistically designed to resemble elements such as water, stone, and treebark. You’ll find comfortable, organic edges and textures that echo elements found in nature. A sense of motion and energy is present in each and every piece.

Diamond Trio Bands in white gold (BWBDI17699), yellow gold (BWBDI17715), rose gold (BWBDI17707) and non-plated white gold (BWBDI18150), starting at $999

Bohème by Bremer utilizes a unique satin finish for a refined, yet unpretentious gleam. In addition to the standard white, yellow, and rose gold colors, each piece of Bohème is also available in a “raw” white gold color which is free of rhodium plating (if you don’t know what that is, learn about white gold on this page). This unique design decision showcases the true gray of the white gold, giving you an organic look with interesting color variation in each ring. It also means that the ring requires less maintenance and only gets better with time.

Interlocking bands are sold separately. Shown here in yellow gold (BWBDI17806 & BWBDI18226), white gold (BWBDI18234 & BWBDI17814) and non-plated white gold (BWBDI18218 & BWBDI18200), starting at $1,499

One part of the collection we’re super excited about is what we’re calling “commitment bands”. Also known as “unity rings,” these two rings are cut from the very same single-ring design, creating two interlocking bands that invoke the concept of “becoming one.” The great thing about these bands is their versatility. You can choose to split the original 8mm ring design in up to four interlocking rings. Based on your customization preferences, the commitment bands can be worn:

  • one ring by each member of a couple as commitment bands
  • both by one person in the couple as a symbol of your unity
  • together on one finger as anniversary bands (a ring for every decade?)
  • as a new “mother’s ring” concept; a ring for every child
  • by a mother and a daughter because they’re “cut from the same cloth” (or metal in this case)
  • or as a fashion stack because they are crazy fun to wear all together!

They pair marvelously with other bands and engagement rings in the collection as well, so the possibilities are endless!

“Treebark” bands in yellow gold (BWBKG11189) and white gold (BWBDI17830), starting at $2,499

The quality of Bohème by Bremer is no less than you would expect from your favorite family owned jeweler. This collection may have a bohemian flair, but they are definitely upscale with a quality you can feel. Amazingly comfortable, our staff has more than once forgotten they even had one on!

A stunning white gold and diamond engagement ring (BSMC10363), $5,999. Shown here with white gold and diamond bands (BWBDI17699 & BWBDI18176)

Bohème was designed not only with Mother Nature, but also Human Nature in mind. With recycled gold and organic designs fueled by nature and discovery, Bohème is the perfection collection for those with a free-spirited, minimalist sensibility.

Best of all, Bohème is here in time for The Bridal Weekend (August 17 – 20)! This means you can buy Bohème and take advantage of our Bundle Bliss, BOGO, or special financing offers! YAY!