Mother’s hold their children’s hands for a while, but their hearts forever.

Customized Mother’s Day jewelry from Bremer is the PERFECT gift to celebrate a Mother’s Love. Because these beauties are as unique as she is, each style is hand crafted just for her.  To allow enough time for this customization, you need to order by MONDAY, MAY 1st!

Handcrafted Mother's Day jewelry customized just for her!

Please allow us time to custom create these personalized gifts that will last a lifetime!

Birthstone Jewelry

Our custom birthstone jewelry reflects what is in her heart – love for her children (or grandchildren) that is both passionate and beautiful! She’ll adore the spectrum of birthstone colors that vibrantly show off her kiddos. We have a wide selection of pendants, bracelets, earrings, and rings she’ll cherish and wear with pride – starting at just $95.

You don’t need to know the kids’ birthstones, but you DO need to know their birthdays. Our experienced jewelry consultants can help you with the rest!

  • First, we’ll decide on the type of jewelry (necklace, ring, etc).
  • Second, we’ll pick out the best style for her jewelry collection.
  • Then it’s time to customize the design with your choice of metal; sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold.
  • The finishing touches come when we select how many and which gemstones to adorn the final creation!

If you want to adorn mom with birthstones AND personalize with names or dates, we have an entire collection of ideas to make the perfect gift for Mom (check out the second pic!) Schedule a visit or just hop in any time for your one-on-one design session!

Six gorgeous pieces of customized Mother's Jewelry in glimmering rose gold, yellow gold and sterling silver adorned with vibrant gemstones of all colors.

Teardrop Necklace (SFJ86614) in silver starting at 450, Bezel-Set Curved Bar Nacklace (SFJ86599) in 14k yellow gold starting at $325, Family Circle Pendant (SFJ86147) in 14k rose gold starting at $250, Woven Stack Ring in sterling silver starting at $95, Criss-Cross Mother’s Ring (SFJ71830) in 14k yellow gold starting at $750, Oval Birthstone and Diamond Ring (SFJ71475) in sterling silver starting at $675

Personalized Jewelry for mom's everywhere, the perfect way to say thank you for her love.

14k Rose Gold Circle Pendant with Engravings & Birthstones (SFJ84693) starting at $1,100; Vertical Bar Pendant in Sterling Silver (SFJ84688) starting at $80; Small Disc with Engraving & Birthstone (SFJ84682) starting at $85; Traditional Bar Pendant (SFJ85778) starting at 225) (layered with monogram disc – add a mini birthstone charm to layer with any pendant, starting at $85)

Thumbprint Service

Fingerprints she’ll never want to wipe clean! We can engrave her littles’ fingerprints on virtually any piece of jewelry with a flat surface. You can either bring our family a cherished piece of jewelry she already wears or you can shop our wide selection here and customize it with a wearable imprint of those closest to her heart! Thumbprint services start at $150 (includes shipping and insurance rates).

Handwriting Service

She keeps her kids’ first handwriting tucked away in a scrapbook, why not add it to something she can enjoy every day? Preserve cherished, handwritten words with Bremer’s custom engraving services. Lines from a greeting card or a piece of schoolwork – we can take virtually any written piece and convert it into a tangible, wearable reminder of love. You can shop our wide selection of engraveable jewelry or custom design your own piece. Handwriting engraving starts at $100 (includes shipping and insurance rates).

Custom Order Deadline is May 1st

Don’t Wait! Any of these customized pieces are a shoo-in for her favorite gift EVER, but the trick is you have to order by MAY 1st!  Each piece is made to order, customized to make it uniquely hers.  This doesn’t happen overnight PLUS we get especially busy around Mother’s Day! Save yourself the stress of last-minute shopping, click the button below, and make an appointment to order a customized piece today: