Aaaaaand we’re back with the second installment of our anniversary gift post! This time we’re covering couples who have been blessed with a marriage of 11 – 20 years.  First and foremost, CONGRATS and WELL DONE to you! You are the most important gift you’ll ever give eachother (obviously), but if you’re looking for something extra, we just happen to have it all conveniently listed out for you 🙂 If you missed the first installment and are looking for gifts for years 1 through 10, CLICK HERE.

Eleventh (11th) Year Anniversary Gifts: Steel, Fashion Jewelry, Turquoise

You’ve passed the first big milestone, but don’t let the 11th year get lost along the wayside, especially with versatile gift options like these! Watches constructed of durable stainless steel are a choice pick for him OR her. Between Shinola, Citizen, and Movado, you’re certain to find the perfect style to commemorate your nerves of STEEL 😉 And if you think she’d love some turquoise, HERA has some pieces in turquoise blue that she’ll adore almost as much as she adores you! With a “modern” category as broad as “fashion jewelry,” you are certainly not hurting for lack of options! One of our favorite sentimental gift ideas is anything with a two-stone design. Read up on two-stone jewelry HERE and then shop for it over HERE.

Twelfth (12th) Year Anniversary Gifts: Silk/Linen, Pearls, Jade

Silk or linen or jade are all nice, but we’ve gotta say… PEARLS are our favorite option in year 12.  A. They’re timeless, B. they’re classy, and C. they’re looking to trend BIG in fashion this fall/winter! If she doesn’t already own a string of pearls, you should definitely start with the classic white or off-white variety and let her style dictate the length.  If she’s more eclectic/adventurous, HONORA freshwater pearls come in a dazzling array of colors. Since you should know her favorite colors by now, the choice should be easy 😉 If necklaces aren’t her thing, you can’t go wrong with pearl studs. Oh, and a looser interpretation of the modern 12 year gift allows you to consider a watch with a mother of pearl dial… stop by our store in Peoria or Bloomington to see our full watch collection.

Thirteenth (13th) Year Anniversary Gifts: Lace, Textiles, Citrine

We’ll let you pick out your own fabric and lace (wink-wink, nudge-nudge), but we’re glad to help a gemstone options for year 13!  Citrine is the choice for year 13. This member of the quartz family has been used in jewelry since the days of the pharaohs of ancient Egypt. Citrine is a popular and affordable alternative to topaz and yellow sapphire.The glorious golden hue of citrine can be found in our very own BeColorful Collection – take your pick from rings, earrings, or necklaces. 

Fourteenth (14th) Year Anniversary Gifts: Gold Jewelry, Opal

Who’d have thunk that year 14 would be so much FUN?! Gold, gold, and opal? Yes, yes, and yes please! Romans believed opal symbolized love and hope, so it’s fitting to give one to your spouse on your 14th wedding anniversary. You can combine gold AND opal for her with a decadent Neopolitan Opal™ ring or necklace by Le Vian®  Another great choice for gold would be Bremer’s own handcrafted gold wire bracelets. Stop by the store to check our current availability on these One-Of-A-Kind bangles! For the guys we recommend a pair of gold MAPS by A.JAFFE cufflinks. These are special-order, so be sure to plan ahead 🙂 If his wedding ring is showing 14 years of wear and tear, think about upgrading it to one of our scratch-proof, solid diamond Elysium bandsaccented with gold, of course!

Fifteenth (15th) Year Anniversary Gifts: Crystal, Watches, Ruby

Boy are we trying to sell you watches, or what? They turn up again here in year 15 as the “modern” anniversary gift! Put a fifteen year “spin” on it this time and gift one with a fun “ruby” red strap from Shinola. Or, go with the real deal and give her a luscious Passion Ruby™ ring from Le Vian® to commemorate your 15 years of passion. Also check out the beautiful ruby styles in our BeColorful Collection. If these ideas strike your fancy, we’ll let you in on a little secret. Ok, it’s not a secret, but we wanted to entice you 🙂 Each piece of ELLE fashion jewelry contains a “hidden” synthetic ruby (usually on the back of earrings or pendants, on the clasp of bracelets, and on the inside of rings) which represents inner beauty and strength. BAM! Your “ruby” options just exploded into a whole new territory!

Sixteenth (16th) Year Anniversary Gifts: Silver Holloware, Peridot

Ok, from what we can tell, traditional anniversary gift suggestions stop after year 15. We know – rude, right? Thankfully, modern sensibilities have prevailed and anniversary gift recommendations continue on! Silver holloware is the “modern” suggestion for year 16. Holloware is pretty much anything made of silver that’s, well, hollow and used as tableware. Think pitchers, soup tureens, etc. Bremer is fresh out of soup tureens, but we do have engraveable flasks that anyone married for 16 years might enjoy! The gemstone this year is peridot. This gorge lime green gem is said to protect its wearer from terrors of the night.  You’ve got each other for that, but peridot is also said to bring the wearer power and influence and who couldn’t use some of that? Check out the lovely peridot options in our BeColorful Collection!

Seventeenth (17th) Year Anniversary Gifts: Furniture, Amethyst

For better or worse you’ve made it to year 17! Celebrate by getting your hubby a new recliner and then stop by Bremer Jewelry for a piece of juicy Grape Amethyst™ from Le Vian® More gorgeous amethyst styles are also available in our BeColorful Collection.


Eighteenth (18th) Year Anniversary Gifts: Appliance, Cat’s-Eye Chrysoberyl

Do you still wink at your spouse? If not, you can pick this flirty habit back up with a fun cat’s-eye chrysoberyl gemstone for your 18th anniversary! Chrysoberyl displays a cat’s eye effect, called chatoyancy (shah-toh-yen-cee): when light reflects off the gem’s surface needle-like inclusions cause a band of light to appear. Rotate the gem between two light sources and the band will split in two, move apart and then merge – just like a cat blinking its eyes. Let our certified gemologist help you find the perfect cat’s-eye stone to place in a custom ring or pendant for the apple of your eye.  You COULD gift a new washing machine, but it won’t wink at you.


Nineteenth (19th) Year Anniversary Gifts: Bronze, Aquamarine

Your nineteenth wedding anniversary is a lot easier with Bremer Jewelry in your corner. Our fashion jewelry line by Bronzallure is chock full of beautiful pieces reminiscent of a typical bronze-hued Milanese sunset. The thick 18k rose gold micron plating on Bronzallure earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets is guaranteed to last and last… just like the two of you! Several of these Bronzallure pieces also happen to be accented with milky blue aquamarine – the chosen gemstone for year 19.  Coincidence? We think not! For guys we’re headed back to the watch counter for some handsome Shinola styles with rose gold (bronze tone) cases. Their Bedrock, Canfield, and Runwell styles are all available in this gorgeous hue!


Twentieth (20th) Year Anniversary Gifts: Platinum, Emerald

Twenty. Years. Dang you guys are good. We hope you’ve planned something special together for this milestone anniversary – a trip, a dinner, a party with your friends, or even something as simple as recreating your first date.  And, if you choose to include jewelry as part of your celebration, we’d be honored to help you choose the perfect piece! With gorgeous materials like platinum and emerald to work with, it shouldn’t be hard 😉 Let us show you our wide assortment of anniversary bands – most of which are available in platinum! If green is her thing, Le Vian’s Costa Smeralda Emeralds™ are something to behold. If green is not her thing, this ring from A.JAFFE is covered in emerald cut diamonds – she’ll love wearing it as a 20 year anniversary band!

Thank you for joining us for “Years 11-20” of Oh My Gosh It’s Our Anniversary What Should I Get Him/Her? Tune in next time when we’ll discuss years 21 – 25 (your Silver Jubilee!).